Typical African woman

Precious Ramotswe is the main character in the book No.1 ladies detective agency. Mma Ramotswe had been living with her father who had built up a good-sized herd of cattle for Precious. He wants Precious to sell the herd and buy a store. Mma Ramotswe does and starts a detective agency, the only one in Botswana.

Precious Ramotswe is born in Botswana, Africa and she had been living there all her life. She is normal African woman so she’s a bit chubby, but African men appreciate that in woman so it’s not a problem there. Mma Ramotswe is wise, patient and intelligent. She tries to be gentle and fair for everyone so she has a good personality. Precious just seems that kind of person that almost everyone should get along with. With these facts I think she will be running her detective agency for a long time.

When it comes to her job as a private detective her actions are very wise. She solves her clients’ problems intelligently and patiently. However, when she was young she married a jazz musician called Note Mokoti which was a big mistake. Marrying Note Mokoti was an unwise decision but I think she learned from it and didn’t do that kind of mistake twice.

I think Mma Ramotswes motivation is her death father. Maybe Precious started a detective agency because she wanted to help other people when she couldn’t do that to her dying father. Other thing I noticed is that she clearly emphasizes the thing that she is the N.1 lady detective in Botswana. This probably tells us that she wants to be the number one in something. She loves to drive her dated tiny white van. This tells that she is pleased what she has and doesn’t need a brand new supervan. On the basis of the book Precious Ramotswe has a great personality and she is a colorful character.

Challenging words:

  1. porcupine = piikkisika
  2. rambling = sokkeloinen
  3. implications = vaikutukset
  4. mournfully = murheellisesti
  5. commemoration = muistojuhla
  6. obliging = velvoittaa
  7. corridor = käytävä
  8. cling = takertua
  9. tenaciously = sitkeästi
  10. contentendly = tyytväisenä



Gentle African Woman

Precious Ramotswe is the main character of the book No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. She is a black fat woman who lives in Botswana in Africa. She says in the book that her body built is traditional and not fat. She also is very kind and she has a good heart. Mma Ramotswe’s job is to solve people’s problems and mysteries and she is pretty good at it. She forms her own detective agency and that is what the story is all about.

As I already said Mma Ramotswe is an exelent detective, because of her job she knows the law and always tries to do the right choices, but she is not perfect. For exemple she screwed up one case, where she tried to prove that the client’s husband was not loyal for the client. Anyway Mma Ramotswe only wants good for the people and for her country, Botswana, which she loves so much. That is why she become the detective, for helping people.

For all the people Mma Ramotswe’s dearest friend was her father who dies at the begining of the book. Her father teached her everything about Botswana, Africa, people, everything. That is why she became much stronger person after her father past away. And during the book Mma Ramotswe grows a lot as a person and as a detective.

Challenging words:

  1. scale – asteikko
  2. hunch – aavistus
  3. apprenticeship – oppisopimuskoulutus
  4. shrilly – kimakasti
  5. ashtray – tuhkakuppi
  6. pacify – rauhoittaa

Mindmap of Mma Ramotswe

Traditional African lady

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency tells a phenomenal story about Precious Ramotswe. She decides to  start a detective agency and be the first female private detective in Botswana. Precious solves the problems quite well until something weird happens. She and her friend J.L.B Matekoni find a bone from a crashed car. Moreover, it seems like J.L.B Matekoni is in love with Precious. More

Lady in the Africa

Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,  tells about life in Africa, especially life in Botswana. The main character of the book is Ramotswe, and she is the only detective in the entire region. The book tells of her Cases, friends and show her everyday life.

Its  good that in this book, a woman is not typical skinny blonde.No, she is a middle-aged, large black woman.The book does not include sex, violence, gore or bad language and I have great respect for it.

Ramoswe is really resourceful, admirable and she always finish the case. She is also a caring and overbearing. In this book Ramotswe tries to help people with their everyday problems or cheating husbands.  It’s intresting to follow other characters in this book but Ramotswe impressed me.

Ramotwe’s life has been rough. Her mother passed away when she was little and her cousin raised her and teached her a lot of things which she will need in her life.  Later her dad died but she continued to run agency. She married a man named J.L.B Matekoni and I wish they start a family together. Cases were interesting but kind of short.


Challenging words:

gore = väkivalta

overbearing = määräilevä

resourceful = neuvokas, kekseliäs

Lady Detective

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith tells about how Mma. Ramotswe opens her own detective agency, becoming the first lady detective in Botswana. Book tells about Precious Ramotswe’s life and descripes how Mma.Ramotswe solves problems.

First the book was little bit platitudinous. I thought Im never going to read this kind of books, but after a few pages I have read it. It was quite thought-provoking and I never thought it would tell in such detail how different life  in Africa. How life can be cruel sometimes and how lucky you can get. In this book it tells that cinderella stories are possible in life when you aren’t waiting the luck to come over. I suggest it to everyone who enjoys reading  and want a book with a mysteris.

Great book with African culture

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is a novel by British writer Alexander McCall Smith. The novel has received two Booker Judge’s Special Recommendations and various book criticisers have given positive feedback about the book. It was also produced as a TV series in 2008. More

Ladies’ Detective Agency in Botswana

My first thought about the book No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (1998) was kind of biassed that it would be more for women’s book than men’s. Finally after reading the book I realized that anyone can read it. It was nothing like just for women’s, it was a normal detective story accept the main character wasn’t a man detective as usual we have used to.

The No.1 Ladies’ detective agency is written by Alexander McCall Smith. It was published for the very first time in Great Britain by Polygon in 1998. The story is about Mma Ramotswe’s life in Botswana, Africa. The story begins with her father’s passing away and with leaving a huge fortune for her daughter Mma Ramotswe. Ramotswe used the huge fortune to run her own business by forming The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

I enjoyed reading the book, because the story was great and it was different kind of detective book. It was also very easy to read so after all I recommend this book for everyone who likes detective stories.

Woman detective in Botswana, Africa

The N.1 ladies detective agency by Alexander McCall Smith tells a story about a woman named Precious Ramotswe who had been living with her father. Her father had built up a good-sized herd of cattle for Precious. He he tells her on his deathbed to sell the herd and buy a store, whatever store would make her happy, and she does. She buys a house and she starts a detective agency, the only ladies’ detective agency in the nation of Botswana. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency has chapters about Precious Ramotswe’s life and chapters that describe mysteries that Mma Ramotswe solves.

Alexander McCall Smith describes life in Africa in detail and the characters are interesting. Actually the characters made this book so good because the mysteries that Mma Ramotswe is solving are not so interesting themselves but the characters that are including in those mysteries made them worth reading.

The book is light reading so it’s not for everyone. For the readers like me who reads a book every now and then can find this book interesting, so if you are looking for a simple story with great characters this book is for you.

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