Even the powerful have weaknesses

Raistlin Majere is an exceptional character since he is a primary protagonist and antagonist in the trilogy. Raistlin was born to a normal peasant family, though he inherited a strong connection to magic from his mother, who sometimes experienced magical trance fits. Even though he was born powerful in magic, his physical condition was never good. He was born very sick and almost died soon after. Raistlin started practicing magic at the age of six and in his early twenties he took the test of magic that every wizard has to complete. His health was even further damaged during the test and he was cursed with golden skin and eyes that see only the death and decay of all things.



The end of an epic journey

The Dragonlance series by Margaret Weis and Laura and Tracy Hickman has acquired a cult reputation among fantasy geeks and role players around the world. Test of the Twins (1986) is the grand finale of an epic trilogy of novels. More

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