Snozzcumber and phizzwizard

If you want to read book of giants which isn’t too serious, The BFG is your book. The book is written by Roald Dahl who is also author of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Into the story: At night a girl named Sophie lay in her bed but she can not sleep. She stands up and go to windows, it is the witching hour and she don’t expect anyones to be on road. Suddenly she notice something black and gigantic moving closer, it stops front of the Goochey’s children’s bedroom and blows something in the bedroom, something black. Sophie is frightened by creature and hides under her blanket. At the next moment Sophie is flying through the air sitting in on the creature’s hand. The adventure of Sophie with giants is about to begin. More


An Honest Giant

The BFG is  the name of the main character but it is an abbreviation from Big Friendly Giant. His name tells a lot about him, because he is very friendly and enourmosly big -well of course when we are talking about a giant! The BFG lives in Giantland with other giants. He is separated from the group since he is different and he doesn’t like the others because they bully him.

The BFG is also very  kind, honest and sweet person. You can notice that simply because The BFG doesn’t eat people, even if it’s kind of natural for them, and even when all the other giants do eat humans. The BFG thinks that it’s disgusting and wrong to hurt others. The BFG doesn’t know how to cook so he has to eat a terrible snozzcumber vegetable. When Sophie (a little girl who is giant’s best friend) asks The BFG why doesn’t he eat for example carrots or other good vegetables, The BFG answers that he doesn’t know how to grow them, and he could not steal those from innocent people, because it’s wrong.

The sweetest thing about The BFG is that he can’t speak proper english. Typical sentences from him are for example “I is tired” or ” Is I right or left?” meaning to ask if he is right or wrong.

The Giant And The Girl Saving The World

I read Roald Dahl’s book The BFG. It’s a story about Sophie who is 8 years old, an orphan girl who ends up being friends with this Big Friendly Giant.

The story begins when sophie lays on her bed at night and she suddenly feels like going to the window to look at the street. And when she looks on the street, she notices this very big giant. Then The BFG kidnaps Sophie, and she is scared that the giant is gonna eat her, but they end up being best friends. If it would have been any other giant, sophie would have been dead in a second, but The BFG is different.

Together Sophie and The BFG start to think how to stop the other giants from eating human. The BFG tells Sophie how he mixes up dreams to blow through a trumpet into the rooms of sleeping children. They invent to use the dream mixing to get the Queen of England to realize the problem with the giants and help the children who are in trouble.

The BGF is a very good book. Even if it’s meant specially for kids, I dont find it boring at all. It is kind of hard to judge the book because it’s a children’s book and I cant find anything bad to say about it. I think it is lovely, hilarious and interesting to read!  When you read this book, it just makes you smile.

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