The book with a poor plot

The book Matilda tells about five years old girl who have developed faster than others who are same age that she is. For example she reads adult literature everyday like Hemingway or Dickens. In addition she is smart and kind. So you might think that everybody love her but that’s not entirely true. Matilda’s parents are stupid and shallow people and they think that instead of reading Matilda should only watch TV.

Matilda’s parents treat her like a crab so Matilda start to do them all kind of little pranks. This is how Matilda tolerate them better.

In this book  Matilda goes to school in first grade. The headmaster of the school is terrible, like a monster and she treats the children very badly.

The ending of the book is still happy.

I think that this book was very childish by which I mean that this book was more children book and I think it did not have a lot of content. The beginning and the ending of the book were equally poor and the middle of the book was boring.

Matilda was a poor figure and Roald Dahl’s writing style was too. I only recommend this book for children.

Here is ten difficult words from the book:

Devouring: Kuluttava

Astounded: Hämmästynyt

Compassionate: Myötätuntoinen

Tamper: Väärentää

Crookery: Petkutus

Trade: Kauppa

Stewed: Haudutettu

Proceeded: Eteni

Drill: Pora

Plot: Juoni


Ignorant or genius

 I read Matilda (1988) by Roald Dahl. It’s about little girl named Matilda who is definitely the main character. She is amazingly intelligent, she learned to read already in the age of two and she has inscrutable mathematical brain. Her parents don’t care about her and they ignore their little daughter and her needs. Luckily, Matilda is so smart that she can manage at home without her parents tutoring her at all. When Matilda goes to school, she finally finds reliable adult, her teacher Miss Honey. Miss Honey has a great respect towards Matilda and they become good friends. The dreadful headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, who hates everyone and has no mercy, terrorizes the school. Matilda, Miss Honey and other students in the school fight against Miss Trunchbull’s tyranny. More

Little genius

Roald Dahl´s in the year 1988 published book Matilda tells a story about a little four-year-old  genius girl, who likes to read books and is the best of her school glass. Her parents don´t care about her and they think that Matilda is nuisance little liar, who should watch more TV. Book is full of black humor and every character have their own personality and own task in the book.

Although the book is quite unrealized, I have to think how Matilda can be so talented without that nobody never teach her ?  Or can Matilda´just be  natural talented  ? Matilda is just a four-year-old and she had read more books than many adults have ever read . She is also mathematically talented and she can do extraordinary tricks with her eyes. I could say that she is every kind of way very smart. She knows what is wrong and what is right. She is very different than her parents and brother. She appreciates things than they. Matilda’s mom says that it´s important to look good and get a rich man than study hard and read books. Matildas´s father shell stolen cars and cheat customers. And her brother wants to be like his father. If I have that kind of family, I think that I would love to make up lot and I wouldn´t care anything but myself. But Matilda is not that kind of person. She walks her own way and looks down on her parents.

Matilda grows up during the story. She learns to understand that she doesn´t need to accept those things what her parents do. She find people who appreciate her skills and who realize that she is a little genius.

Roald Dahl. 1988. Matilda. London: Penguin Books Ltd

Ten words:

Brandish = Heiluttaa     Clutching =Kytkentä    Grasshopper = Heinäsirkka                   Refuse = Kieltää       Mooch = Vetelehtiä     Inherited = Peritty       Tremendous=Erikoinen    Sqruit = Ruisku    Root= Juuri, alku    Comparatively=Verrattain

Reading and laughing

Roald Dahl´s book Matilda tells about a little genius girl, whose parents doesn´t care her skills. The book has published in year 1988. Matilda likes to read, and she is very quick to learn it without teaching. I don´t like her parents because they try to prevent Matilda to read. if somebody wants to do something, why she can´t do that? I don´t understand.. But Matilda doesn´t care, because reading and learning is her passion. I love Matilda because she have own opinions and she is a little bit rebel.

The book is very funny and it’s full of humor. Reading is quite easy, because there is easy words and it’s funny to read that book. When you read the book, you can’t be without laughing. If you feel sad, take Matilda and start to read! It makes you feeling better, I can promise! I recommend the book for everybody, especially for childish people.

How long it takes you have read the book?  Not long, because the book is not very long and when you start reading, you can’t stop, without some very important reason.

Little genius in the unfair world

I read  Matilda by Roald Dahl. It has been published in the year 1988. The book tells story about a little four-year-old girl named Matilda. Matilda is extraordinary talented. She has read all the children´s book in the library and also many adult´s books. She is also mathematically very talented . Matilda has a mother, father and brother. They have nice house and Matilda´s father has own car business . It looks like everything is fine. But the parents are very selfish and they don´t care about Matilda. They think that Matilda is nuisance little liar , who must watch more TV. Book is very familiar Roald Dahl. It´s full of black humour and everything is upside down.

Book was so fun . I enjoyed to read it.  And there is no moment that I could be without laughing. Tought book is children´s book I think it  fits both, adults and children. Book tells abnormal parent´s relation with their child. I think that any normal parents couldn´t leave their child with her teacher and move their self to an another country. the book is very joking it´s in the same time very mindful. Today many parents concentrate on their career and children come next. In the book father concentrates to sell stolen cars and mother attend her looks. Book tells good how materialistic world is nowadays.

Even if the book´s mission is amuse people. It´s getting to think how unfair world is sometimes. All in all the book could scare its reader for hilarity. I absolutely recommend the book for everybody.

Roald Dahl. 1988. Matilda. London: penguin books

Little girl without caring

 I have read Roald Dahl´s book Matilda, which was published in 1988. The book tells about five years old girl, who is genius. Reader can see Madilda´s wisdom when Matilda starts to read age of three newspapers and age of four she could read fast and well.

  Matilda´s parents don´t care about doughter´s skills. They don´t have any books at home, only one cooking book. Parents don´t read anything, only watch TV. They don´t encourage to read, they try to get Matilda stop reading, but Matilda is determined and continue reading. When she is at home alone, she goes to the library and read books there. Matilda doesn´t know that she can borrow books, and bring it back, when she has read the book.
  Matilda is very quick to learn everything, but parents doesn´t realize that at all. They want Matilda would be sillier, but Matilda just makes fun of them and cheat her parents. I like Matilda, because she is very innocent, or she can act that at least. Matilda knows, her parents doesn´t realizthat she is genius but Matilda doesn´t care, so she continue to learn new things. She doesn´t care what others says. I like that attitude!
  Still, Matilda have some people who realize her skills and encourage her to continue. Matilda reads alot, and I think she is a read-worm! I respect that, because I am not a read-worm, never been…
Some words:
 breech= lukko
jolly= iloinen
the telly=televisio,töllö

Matilda mindmap

A Girl Who Wanted To Be Heard

The book Matilda by Roald Dahl tells about young but very ambitious girl. Matilda is only five years old but read massive numbers of books and many of those were classics like; Dickens, Kipling and Hemingway.

I think that Matilda is extreme intelligent little girl, but it is a shame that her parents don’t know how to appreciate her talents. This is, in my opinion, very pity because Matilda is actually a prodigy, a genius. But behind all of this is just a sensitive little girl who I think, wanted to be approved by her parents. Matilda’s parents treat her like a crap which dare her to do all kinds of small pranks, like glue a hat onto her father’s head.

Matilda’s parents think that the girl is a menace but i think that she just wanted to be heard and noticed.

Mindmap of Matilda

Whizz Kid

Matilda is a fascinating story about a five-year-old tiny girl, who is extraordinary. She is prominently intelligent and she has incomprehensible mathematical brain. Her parents don’t care about her really much and they think Matilda is totally ignorant. Matilda goes through a lot with the lovely teacher Miss Honey, the adventurous friend Lavender and the spiteful headmistress Miss Trunchbull.


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