Traditional African lady

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency tells a phenomenal story about Precious Ramotswe. She decides to  start a detective agency and be the first female private detective in Botswana. Precious solves the problems quite well until something weird happens. She and her friend J.L.B Matekoni find a bone from a crashed car. Moreover, it seems like J.L.B Matekoni is in love with Precious.

Precious Ramotswe is the protagonist of the novel. She is a 35-year-old woman whose dad has passed away. She was also married to Note Mokoti but got divorced because Note was violent. Precious is a very traditional African woman who values African traditions, habits and the continent itself. But she has also her own habits she is tending to do like drinking redbush tea, eating pumpking for dinner, driving the tiny white van and sitting on the veranda every time she tries to solve the problems.

When looking at Precious’ history I can see that it plays a big role in her life. Her mother died when Precious was little, so her cousin raised her. Later Precious’ dad died too. These happenings have made Precious quite independent and strong person. When her dad was still alive Precious got married to Note Mokoti whose violence forced them to divorce. I believe Precious is now afraid to commit because of her bad history to Note. For example, she refuses from J.L.B Matekoni’s proposal at first.

I think Precious is a very adorable and brave person. She doesn’t hesitate in any of the cases she has to solve. Her intelligence turns out the ways how she’s every time able to force the criminals to confess the crimes they have made. And I admire her confidense about feeling comfortable even though she is a bit overweight. But she knows it and it doesn’t bother her at all.

In the future I think Precious Ramotswe and J.L.B Matekoni will start a real family and have kids. At least I hope  they’ll do! And I expect there will be more longer cases because they didn’t take very long at the first book.

10 challenging words:

  1. Inevitable=välttämätön 
  2. Bandage=taitos
  3. Vigorous=voimakas
  4. Cautious=varovainen
  5. Discrepancy=epäjohdonmukaisuus
  6. Exaggerate=liioitella
  7. Gingerly=varovaisesti
  8. Imperceptibly=huomaamattomasti
  9. Fragment=katkelma,palanen
  10. Dispatch=passittaa

Mindmap of Precious Ramotswe


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  1. samuli
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 09:50:29

    You tell little bit too much about the book. Little more analyze would have been prefered. But overall fascinating character analyze. It´s exciting that you give all those little details. That makes the analyze different from others. There´s is not enough about the characters personality. You could of leave out little bit of the little details and tell more about the characters personality. But at the end of the day different but intresting character analyzis!


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