shepherds treasure hunting

I chosed the protagonist of the book named Santiago to my Character analyze as he is always wanted to travel all over the world and his goal is to get treasure that he always dreamed. Travelling to the Pyramids in Egypt he meets an Alchemist man who tell about different omens and lifestyles.

Santiago is a nomadic boy from Andalucia, who has been travelling all over Spain. To be a poet would be his purpose, however finding a treasure is the more target of his interest then he decide to become a traveller. To actualize his dream he spend money to reach the Africa onto the treasure. As he reached to The Africa he found a partner and have some relations with her.

On the basis of my interpretation, i’m not sure if Santiago is very wise or unwise, as Santiago believe prophecy of the people like that and do it accordingly without using sense, though he don’t care about others opinion. On the other hand he is very valiant on travelling in different places and getting to know new cultures. Also Santiago is good to learn for example learning to talk using new language and make use of it.  Santiago can understand how others behave for example in his place of residence he realize what sheeps needs, on the unknown places the world is of another kind.

10 challenging words:

shout = huuto

omen = enne

coincidence = sattuma

uncertainly = epävarmasti

purification = puhdistus

Sentinel = Vartiomies

exultant = riemukas

evokes = herättää

vessel = alus

discipline = kuri

Mind map of protagonist

Coelho, Paulo. 1988. The Alchemist. Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. HarperCollins.


Character analysis on santiago

Santiago is young shepherd who sells hes  sheep flock so he can realise he´s dream. In the narration Santiago is described as kind,brave and sympatetic. Sometimes he can be little gullible. Like when he traveled to the city and gave hes money to this boy whom introduced himself to Santiago as guide. But then he disappeared in to crowd leaving santiago without any money, But santiago showed guts when he continued to fulfill he´s dream afteir being scammed. He went to work in crystal shop to gather some money to continue he´s guest for the treasure.

He was brave when he went to tell the chieftain that the village would be attacked because if this had not happened he have had loose he´s head. This also showed that he was sympatetic as he cared for the lives of the villagers. He also risked himself in many situations for others which I think is altruistic.

At some points of the story he became little sceptical about his destiny. Like when he didn´t know what to do when he was supposed to turn himself in to wind hes guts kicked in and he managed to pull it trough.  He also had strong belief that it was he´s destiny to find the treasure. The inner drive came from he´s dream. I don´t think that he is so strong person but with the inner drive from the dream he could do anything. He also was sufficient to do anything but he didn´t know that during the story , but he came to realise that everything is reachable if you try hard enough. And I think that´s whats life is all about with alot of motivation you can almost achieve anything. If you are willing enough you can do anything.

Hard words :

Game= riista

Dunes = dyynit

omen= ennusmerkki

superstitious= taikauskoinen

chariot= sotavaunu

curiosity = uteliaisuus

marvel= ihme

traitor = petturi

moor = nummi

disembark = noustamaihin

Mind map of Santiago

Book review of paulo coelho´s book the alchemist

The book was intriguing. The plot was pretty ordinary but in the end there was a twist. Which made the plot unlike I thought it would be. So the book starts The boy has this dream about treasure in egypt. This dream leads the boy to adventure. During this adventure the boy progresses as  person. I don´t know but there is something in these kind of books that makes me like them. The story is also about sentimentals of life. They aren´t bluntly told in the text but you can spot them if you read the text with idea. One thing that the books tells you is to hold on to your dreams and never give up which many people do. I like the idea that life is about searching for your destiny by living your dream or trying to fulfill it.

So this book made me think differently about what you should do in your future. You don´t necessarily need to have business career and be big boss to be happy. There is chance that you might have dreamed about something else and by doing it be happy.

The fascinated world of adventures

The unknown power of the world


Actually Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist was the first book I have ever read in english and at first I was excited. And it was breathtaking! It’s one of the best-selling books in the history and I don’t wonder why.  This astounding book tells about travelling, adventures, love, omens, destinies and believing to them.  The  book is really philosophical and it fascinated me. The Alchemist got me thinking about life and the power of the world while reading it. The main character’s intimidating adventures and ideology got me reading so that I couldn’t stop it and that’s what I love in books. Book’s incorporeity and glory draged me in. I recommend The Alchemist to everyone who likes adventures and has interests to the unknown world.


shepherd is valiant

The Alchemist tells about a boy who wants to become a shepherd and travels around the Andalusia and sees the world. The shepherd makes his reccurent dream to come true by travelling to the Pyramids of Egypt to find his treasure what he has dreamt about. He travels throught the desert and meets an alchemist who teaches him about the omens and life. On the way to find his treasure the shepherd comes across of intimidating new situtations which are hazardous.

The main character of The Alchemist is a boy who becomes a shepherd. His parents want him to become a pope, but the boy’s aspiration is travelling. He is single-minded when he lives his family to follow his dreams and he doesn’t care about what others think.  He is religious and he belives in God and in omens, omens what the world shows for  him. Because of his deeply belief in God, the character makes just choices. His act can be wise or unwise. He finds his love and travels away from her  to search for the treasure. I don’t know is that really wise but on the other hand, his aim was to find his treasure so why abandon a dream because of  a woman he felt in love at first glance.

However,  in my view the shepherd is really wise and brave.  He has a courage to travel to unknown places where the culture is totally different than in Andalusia where he’s from and he trusts to people he has just met. Getting into difficulties actually means he could die, but the shepherd keeps his mind cold. He learns really fast new fine things for example, to speak the language of the world, feel the soul of the world and speak to it and he knows how to turn things into gold and change himself to a wind. The main character is round because he changes a lot as a person.  At the begining of the book he knows how his sheep behave and that’s pretty much what he knows the best. But in the end of the book, he just doesn’t see the world, he feels it. He intuits the meaning of the life and becomes more sagacious person. That’s why I think the main charater is valiant.

10 changelling words :

  1. Omen = Enne
  2. Tribe  = Heimo
  3. Conspire = Juonitella
  4. Oasis = Keidas, kosteikko
  5. Be obscured = Pimetä
  6. Apprentice = Harjoittelija
  7. Sentinel = Vahti, vartiomies
  8. Exultant = Riemukas
  9. Vessel = Alus, säiliö
  10. Veil = Huntu

Mindmap of Santiago, the main character


Paulo Coelho. 1988. The Alchemist. Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. HaperCollins. 2002

Why do we listen to our hearts?

One night Santiago has a dream about finding treasure in the pyramids of Egypt, but before he finds out where the treasure is buried he wakes up. Santiago becomes perturbed about this dream as he has had the dream twice before and it always occurred at the same place, in the grounds of an old ruined church. Santiago wonders if the dream is telling him to go and fulfil his destiny. He finally gets the courage to ask his father’s permission to become a shepherd so that he can travel the fields of Andalusia.

Santiago’s lifestyle as a shepherd has provided him with a lot of freedom. All he has to do is allow his sheep to lead the way for a while and he will always find a new path. The difference between him and the sheep, though, is that the sheep never know they are on a new path. Once again, all they think about is food and water. Santiago realizes that dreaming about what you don’t have is what makes life interesting.That’s why he is particularly suited to findin his Personal Legend. And also he realizes that playing it safe is often more threatening to his freedom than taking a risk.

At times we see and feel his fear, but along his journey, he learns to listen to his heart and to trust what his heart teaches him. Santiago makes great change from beginning, to the end of his journey. He learns how to stay true to his dreams and to understand the desert. And he also descovers that “treasure lies where your heart belongs”, and that the treasure was the journey itself, the discoveries he made, and the wisdom he acquired. Santiago also says in the story that it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting and important.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Brazilian storyteller Paulo Coelho paints a beautiful picture in our minds with his words in The Alchemist. The book takes the reader to another world and time that brings  magic, dreams and meaning to life. Coelho shows how many people put all their efforts towards reaching a dream and spend years in hard work, only to face desperation and give up one day. Give up just a few inches from the breakthrough, just a few moments from seeing the light of their personal victory. This book teaches you to be honest with yourself, kind to others, wise with your own
decisions. It serves as a guiding star to your dream showing that you’re not the only one who feels lost at times and who thinks about giving up.
Coelho gives you an image that, our lives are like a candle in the wind. You have to follow your dreams, but sometimes you have to stop once in a while, and remember that every day is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
The Alchemist is a simple story of a young Spanish shepherd boy Santiago who one night dreams of a distant treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. And so he’s leaving his home country literally to follow his dream. Along the way he meets many spiritual messengers who come in amazing ways and forms. However, by the end of the novel, he discovers that ” treasure lies where your heart belongs ” and that the treasure was the journey itself.
The storytelling is very simple and easy to read. And the sentences are so open that it amazes you how thought-provoking they are. I greatly enjoyed reading this book, and I think that everyone should read this book at least once.

Challenging words:

murky-  pimeä, synkkä

quicksilver- hopea, elohopea

irresponsible- vastuuton, piittaamaton

telepathic- telepaattinen

unconsciousness- tiedottomuus, tietämättömyys

queue- jono, jonottaa

homage- huomionosoitus, ylistys

zenith- huippu

summoned- haastettu oikeuteen

omen- oire, enne

beneath- alle, alitse

Mind map

Nomadic boy’s adventure

The Alchemist is a well-liked fantasy book by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. This book has been a huge success all over the world and has been translated into 56 languages.

The protagonist of the alchemist is an Andalucian young nomadic boy named Santiago, who dreams of finding treasure near the Pyramids in Egypt. He meets some people at plaza who know about the treasure and he gets some advice from them. Santiago heads to North Africa and then to Egypt after saving money.

The structure and story of the book is done very creatively, and is very well-made. The early phase of the story is a little bit dull, but when it andvanced it becomes more engrossing. The Alchemist shows that it’s worth reading this sort of fiction. It makes me feel as if I were in a story. That’s real.

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