In my sister`s shoes

I read the book called In my sister`s shoes written by Sinead Moriarty in 2008. In general the book was great and the writing was easy to read and understand. I`would name it one of the best english books I have red in my life! I recommendit warmly to everyone who likes to laugh and read books with romance and drama.

The book tells a story about the O`Briens family and how everything changes when one of the family member gets gravely sick. Kate O`Brien is a thirty year old woman living in London and making her living as an successful presenter. She loves her life in London and everything seems to go perfectly until one day she gets an phone call from her sister`s husband. Her sister`s got cancer and Kate needs to go back to Dublin where her family and friends are, the only place she never wanted to go to and the only place she always wanted away from. Regardless Kates feelings she does the right thing and flies back to Dublin to help her sister and leaves her successful career and life in London.

In Dublin everything seems different for Kate and she doesn`t feel at home although her family is there for once. Her older sister Fiona is in a bad shape and stars chemotherapy that`s when everything changes for Kate too. After Fiona stars chemotherapy the whole family is desperately trusting her to get better. In my opinion this is the main point in the book when  the whole plot starts.They are all afraid of the disease after their mother had died beacause of cancer when they were small. Although the whole family is afraid they try to be positive and help Fionas family as well as they can. The book shows a great example of family spirit and how they all love each others so much that they sacrifice thing for each other.

Kate feels distressed when she has no work in Dublin and she lives in her fathers house and takes daily care of her sisters lively twin boys. At first Kate hates her life in Dublin but seems to do everything for her sister. After a while Kate stars to love her life there; the twins,her family and of course her old boyfriends Sam from the past. After a year after all sorts of complications and disasters Fiona gets better and the whole family starts to feel happy, Kate decides to move back to London. Everybody tries to get her to understand that her life would be better in Dublin althoug she had no succesfull carees there.Kate has doubts but after she gets a job offer for making a document of her brothers rap career and her ex-boyfriend Sam want`s to give their relationship an other go, Kate decides to stay in Dublin and stars a new life there. In the end the whole family is happy and glad for Fiona surviving from the cancer. At last everything is ok after a long long time.

Ten difficult words from the book :

  1. squealing= kiljuntaa
  2. superstition = taikausko
  3. frowning = rypistää otsaa
  4. postpone = siirtää
  5. tardiness = hitaus
  6. pandemonium = sekasorto
  7. ensued = seurauksena
  8. urine = virtsa
  9. sensational = sensaatiomainen
  10. reckon = luulla

A mother and a survivor

Fiona is the oldest of the O`Briens siblings. She has twin boys and husband named Mark and they both work on mathematics. She loves her family more than anything and devotes her whole life for being a good wife and a mother.

When the siblings were small their mother died because of cancer and their father became depressed after that Fiona took care of her family. She was only the age of thirteen but she already ironed her fathers shirts and made food for her sister and brother. While she was taking care of the familys well being her sibling were having fun and living their youth. She never got her youth back and inside she felt bad about it but no-one knew about it. Fiona was the one everyone counted and depended on. Maybe it was her childhood that made her be a responsible woman and a mother.

Fiona takes care of everybody and for example makes sure her twins have good and healthy life. She oftenly forgets about her own well being while thinking of everybody elses well being. Even after she gets cancer she isin`t concered of herself but of her close ones. But her family loves her and does everything to get Fiona feel better. After her chemotherapy she feels like a different person and in a way cancer changes her completely, Fiona starts to appreciate more the small thing in life and starts being more flexible with her strict rules . In my opinion Fiona is the wisest and most stable person in the story and of course a survivor.

Mind map of Fiona

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