Lady in the Africa

Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,  tells about life in Africa, especially life in Botswana. The main character of the book is Ramotswe, and she is the only detective in the entire region. The book tells of her Cases, friends and show her everyday life.

Its  good that in this book, a woman is not typical skinny blonde.No, she is a middle-aged, large black woman.The book does not include sex, violence, gore or bad language and I have great respect for it.

Ramoswe is really resourceful, admirable and she always finish the case. She is also a caring and overbearing. In this book Ramotswe tries to help people with their everyday problems or cheating husbands.  It’s intresting to follow other characters in this book but Ramotswe impressed me.

Ramotwe’s life has been rough. Her mother passed away when she was little and her cousin raised her and teached her a lot of things which she will need in her life.  Later her dad died but she continued to run agency. She married a man named J.L.B Matekoni and I wish they start a family together. Cases were interesting but kind of short.

Challenging words:

gore = väkivalta

overbearing = määräilevä

resourceful = neuvokas, kekseliäs


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  1. Sami
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 17:30:18

    When reading your character analyze, I noticed that you had thought about the book’s language and the main characters personality and looks. although you had some mistakes with the language, you did carry the description of Ramotswe pretty well!
    The youtube link was definitely a big plus! It’s a shame however that your link to the Mindmeister didn’t work, but maybe next time you’ll fix it 🙂


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