Even the powerful have weaknesses

Raistlin Majere is an exceptional character since he is a primary protagonist and antagonist in the trilogy. Raistlin was born to a normal peasant family, though he inherited a strong connection to magic from his mother, who sometimes experienced magical trance fits. Even though he was born powerful in magic, his physical condition was never good. He was born very sick and almost died soon after. Raistlin started practicing magic at the age of six and in his early twenties he took the test of magic that every wizard has to complete. His health was even further damaged during the test and he was cursed with golden skin and eyes that see only the death and decay of all things.



Neither Alive Or Dead

The Graveyard Book

Silas is a minor character in The Graveyard Book by Nail Gaiman. Silas is Bod’s guardian. He has volunteers to raise Bod, when Bod was adopted by the Owens. Silas’s duty is to bring food to Bod and to educates him. I choose Silas because, he is my favorite character. More

shepherds treasure hunting

I chosed the protagonist of the book named Santiago to my Character analyze as he is always wanted to travel all over the world and his goal is to get treasure that he always dreamed. Travelling to the Pyramids in Egypt he meets an Alchemist man who tell about different omens and lifestyles.

Santiago is a nomadic boy from Andalucia, who has been travelling all over Spain. To be a poet would be his purpose, however finding a treasure is the more target of his interest then he decide to become a traveller. To actualize his dream he spend money to reach the Africa onto the treasure. As he reached to The Africa he found a partner and have some relations with her.

On the basis of my interpretation, i’m not sure if Santiago is very wise or unwise, as Santiago believe prophecy of the people like that and do it accordingly without using sense, though he don’t care about others opinion. On the other hand he is very valiant on travelling in different places and getting to know new cultures. Also Santiago is good to learn for example learning to talk using new language and make use of it.  Santiago can understand how others behave for example in his place of residence he realize what sheeps needs, on the unknown places the world is of another kind.

10 challenging words:

shout = huuto

omen = enne

coincidence = sattuma

uncertainly = epävarmasti

purification = puhdistus

Sentinel = Vartiomies

exultant = riemukas

evokes = herättää

vessel = alus

discipline = kuri

Mind map of protagonist

Coelho, Paulo. 1988. The Alchemist. Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. HarperCollins.

The abused Alise

The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, publisher Harpervoyager, published: 25th June 2009 in UK

As one of the main characters in Robin Hobbs book: The Dragon Keeper, Alise is described very accurately. Alise is a kind girl in Bingtown and with age of 18, she was introduced to Bingtown society. Well, that was three years ago, and nobody really thought she would be a “nice catch” (just as the book says). Then suddently a handsome man Hest Finbok seems to be intrested in her. But with her scholarly researches she desires to go to the Rain Wilds treetop city and see the Dragons hatch from their cocoons. She makes a very difficult decision relating to her ambition and her own future as a woman. She made the choise that seemed worthy at the time.

Alise is an freckled girl with humane moral and a big heart, that doesn’t change during the book. She has an obsession to dragons and Elderlings. Hest Finbok which I mentioned before, is a wealthy, handsome and charming man, who is intrested in Alise. However later it will be discovered that he truly is intrested; in a unjust way. He wants an woman who doesnt get in his way in business or in own social life. This means that the poor girl Alise is being abused just because nobody wants her.  

I think myself that Alise makes wise desicions and she is just adorable girl. But I feel sorry about her destiny to be abused as wife. Her only wrong choice was to marry Hest, because he treats her like trash, but still, Hest is a wealthy guy, and it will help with her studies to buy everything she needs. Although she is treated like dirt, the force she is driven by comes from her studies and enthusiasm of the future voyage up the Rain Wild river to study and learn of the dragonlings. If you want to know the conclusion of her studies and the Dream of  travelling up to Rain Wilds; I suggest you should read the book!

The 10 difficult words in The Dragon Keeper

1. abrasive – hiertävä, raastava, hyökkäävä
2. extrusion – puriste, pursotus
3. gallantry – urhoollisuus, ritarillisuus
4. extravagant – liioiteltu, komea
5. smothering – tukahduttaminen
6. indulge – antautua, tyydyttää
7. infatuation – ihastus
8. preoccupied – keskittynyt, syventynyt
9. gauzy – harsoinen
10. rejuvenate – piristää, elvyttää


Character analysis on santiago

Santiago is young shepherd who sells hes  sheep flock so he can realise he´s dream. In the narration Santiago is described as kind,brave and sympatetic. Sometimes he can be little gullible. Like when he traveled to the city and gave hes money to this boy whom introduced himself to Santiago as guide. But then he disappeared in to crowd leaving santiago without any money, But santiago showed guts when he continued to fulfill he´s dream afteir being scammed. He went to work in crystal shop to gather some money to continue he´s guest for the treasure.

He was brave when he went to tell the chieftain that the village would be attacked because if this had not happened he have had loose he´s head. This also showed that he was sympatetic as he cared for the lives of the villagers. He also risked himself in many situations for others which I think is altruistic.

At some points of the story he became little sceptical about his destiny. Like when he didn´t know what to do when he was supposed to turn himself in to wind hes guts kicked in and he managed to pull it trough.  He also had strong belief that it was he´s destiny to find the treasure. The inner drive came from he´s dream. I don´t think that he is so strong person but with the inner drive from the dream he could do anything. He also was sufficient to do anything but he didn´t know that during the story , but he came to realise that everything is reachable if you try hard enough. And I think that´s whats life is all about with alot of motivation you can almost achieve anything. If you are willing enough you can do anything.

Hard words :

Game= riista

Dunes = dyynit

omen= ennusmerkki

superstitious= taikauskoinen

chariot= sotavaunu

curiosity = uteliaisuus

marvel= ihme

traitor = petturi

moor = nummi

disembark = noustamaihin

Mind map of Santiago

Brida has to have the courage

Brida is a leading character in a book Brida by Paulo Coelho. She has everything a man can possibly ask in life. Good job, loving and responsive boyfriend and the whole life still ahead. But she also has urgent need to seek for knowledge. Brida wants to learn to understand the world and its mysteries. She is a determined, young and unknowing woman, who has to be able to take risks, fail and not to be scared by disillusion. That’s why Brida is a interesting character, because being honest to your soul is troublesome for any of us. It’s encouraging to be a part whit Brida in her voyage of discovery.

The Magus and Wicca are Bridas mental leaders. With them she get acquainted with The Tradition of the Sun and The Tradition of the Moon. The are moments when she is tenuous and distrustful and doesn’t know if she is on the right path. But those moments coerce her to research her soul, and those moments teaches her to make decisions without hesitate.

The whole story solidify to finding our soul mate. “Our soul divides in two, and those new souls are turn transformed into two and so, within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of Earth.– That is why, as well as divining into two, we also find ourselves. And that process of finding ourselves is called Love.” The more Brida learns about soul mate and magic, the more she begin to worry if she had chosen the right man. She is afraid that Lorens (her boyfriend) might not fit into her life, while she is getting more and more new point of views in life. Brida learn to notice simple miracles in the System and that way give herself up to sensibleness.

My opinion about Brida transformed many times while reading. That’s why i tried to portray her with many different kind of adjectives. I’m sure there are hundreds of interpretations about her. If you think yourself as a forbearing person, i can greatly recommend this book to you!

Visit Paulo Coelho’s blog and read more about him:

Mind map of Brida

10 challenging words from the book:

1. aimlessly- päämäärättä

2. triumph- voitto, saavutus

3. abbey- luostari

4. subsequent- myöhempi, seuraava

5. appreciate- arvostaa

6. contemplate- ajatella, pohtia, miettiä

7. enlightened- valistua, perehtyä

8. frailty- heikkous

9. exile- maanpako, pakolainen

10. resolve- ratkaisu, päätös

Prefect is Perfect?

One of the protagonists in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams is Ford Prefect. He is an alien that has been stuck on the Earth for 15 years. He was sent to Earth to gather information for the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy but he never made it back to their spaceship and so he was left behind on Earth. He first enters the story when his good friend Arthur Dent (the second protagonist, an earthling) has a hangover and his house is being bulldozered. By this time Prefect already knew that the aliens were coming to destroy the Earth in just a couple of minutes and he was there to take Dent with him to the spaceship. More

How the childhood can effect a person

Rahel  Kochamma is one of the main characters in the book I read, Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. The book tells the story of her and her twinbrother Estha. They had  a traumatic childhood and it effects them for the rest of their lives. The twins were separeted from each other when they are seven years old and next time they see each other after over twenty years.

Rahel’s childhood wasnt’ something every parent would wish for their children. Rahel and her brother Estha saw when their cousin Sophie Mol died drowning  at the age of nine, she was two only  years older than the twins. The incident had  a big  impact in Rahel, the honest, smart, introvereted girl. 

Estha is very important for her sister even they are separeted very early. When Rahel was child, when her memory had just begun, she always thought her and her brother as we. She owns memories she describes she don’t  have right to have. Even after many years after they were separeted, she has a memory of waking up one night giggling at Estha’s funny dream. So she could know for example  even of some not so nice things which have happened to her brother, for instance when Estha was sexually abused, even she hadn’t been there.

Rahel has never felt socially comfortable. She was an extremely polite child with no friends. She was blacklisted in one school, expelled from the next one. Later she went to architecture school but didn’t finnish it. She marries an American man and lives America until she comes back to Ayemenem to see her brother.

The incidents of Rahel’s cihldhood effect how she sees things and you might say that the shady intimacy at the reunion of Rahel and her brother is something that wouldn’t have happened without their tarumatic childhood.

Difficult word:


lean-tukea, nojata




Bathrobe and the Galaxy

Arthur Philip Dent,one of the protagonists in the book the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is a character of controversy. He is the only human to escape planet Earth before it gets demolished. Arthur wakes up with a hangover in his house, and as he gets outside he notices that his house is about to be plowed down by bulldozers. He decides to go lie in front of them to stop it. His friend, an alien, Ford Prefect comes to meet him outside the house and they make way to a bar. From there, their travel across the Galaxy begins.

Arthur has some troubles with his lifestyle, as he wakes up in the beginning of the book with a hangover and wonders why does he actually have a hangover. That’s why you could say that Arthur is not in a full control over his life and kind of goes with the flow as they say. He doesn’t seem to be too worried about anything. He is a rather ‘neutral’ person. As the book is absurd in all its humor and storytelling, so is Arthur. I find him a confusing character from time to time as he has some odd routines and he seems to be a bit confused himself too. One funny thing about Arthur is that he always wears a bathrobe he had the morning the Earth was destroyed. Arthur also enjoys tea, even though it’s rather hard to find in the galaxy.

As humans usually, Arthur is also pretty adaptive. He is kind of forced to be adaptive though, since there is no ‘home’ to go back. He is bound to travel the space for who knows how long. At the beginning of the book he says: “If I asked where we were, would I like the answer?”, he asks this from Ford Prefect, his alien friend. As they have teleported to a spaceship Arthur realizes that his life just changed forever. Still, he remains his ‘neutrality’ and adapts to the situation. He is sort of anti-hero in the book, as he does not do anything heroic or be a leader, he just goes along from situation to situation, facing the weirdest things a man can. Overall, Arthur is an absurd character in an absurd world of an absurd book.

Mind map of Arthur Dent (click the picture to enlarge!)

Here is one version of the character Arthur Dent.

Ignorant or genius

 I read Matilda (1988) by Roald Dahl. It’s about little girl named Matilda who is definitely the main character. She is amazingly intelligent, she learned to read already in the age of two and she has inscrutable mathematical brain. Her parents don’t care about her and they ignore their little daughter and her needs. Luckily, Matilda is so smart that she can manage at home without her parents tutoring her at all. When Matilda goes to school, she finally finds reliable adult, her teacher Miss Honey. Miss Honey has a great respect towards Matilda and they become good friends. The dreadful headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, who hates everyone and has no mercy, terrorizes the school. Matilda, Miss Honey and other students in the school fight against Miss Trunchbull’s tyranny. More

Dragon Scholar Alise

Character analysis

Alise Kincarron Finbok is one of the main characters of the book The Dragon Keeper and she is a self taught scholar of the dragons. She is 18 years old girl and she really loves the dragons and she likes to study them a lot. She is trying to learn everything she can about the dragons and that is her escape from all humans and her husband. Alises relationship with her husband is not good because her husband married Alise only because he wanted to continue his family. Alise didn’t know that at first and she married Hest because it seemed to be good for her because Hest is rich and Alise needed money. Later she found out that Hest married her for other reasons than love to Alise. That left a mark to Alises heart. Alise can speak to dragons and I think that she feels more comfortable with dragons than humans. Finally when dragons head upriver Alise and Sedric fights about staying with dragons. Alise doesn’t want to leave dragons and she complains about her life with his husband. Alise hates her husband and doesn’t want to go back to him so she has to decide if she wants to continue her mission of studying all she can about the dragons or will she go home. We will see that in the sequel.

My theory is that Alise lost her trust to her family and she wants to stay away from them by studying dragons and staying far away from home. I think she will never be able to trust people like before. She needs the support of her friends more than ever. I think that she will never forgive herself for marrying Hest.


Typical African woman

Precious Ramotswe is the main character in the book No.1 ladies detective agency. Mma Ramotswe had been living with her father who had built up a good-sized herd of cattle for Precious. He wants Precious to sell the herd and buy a store. Mma Ramotswe does and starts a detective agency, the only one in Botswana.

Precious Ramotswe is born in Botswana, Africa and she had been living there all her life. She is normal African woman so she’s a bit chubby, but African men appreciate that in woman so it’s not a problem there. Mma Ramotswe is wise, patient and intelligent. She tries to be gentle and fair for everyone so she has a good personality. Precious just seems that kind of person that almost everyone should get along with. With these facts I think she will be running her detective agency for a long time.

When it comes to her job as a private detective her actions are very wise. She solves her clients’ problems intelligently and patiently. However, when she was young she married a jazz musician called Note Mokoti which was a big mistake. Marrying Note Mokoti was an unwise decision but I think she learned from it and didn’t do that kind of mistake twice.

I think Mma Ramotswes motivation is her death father. Maybe Precious started a detective agency because she wanted to help other people when she couldn’t do that to her dying father. Other thing I noticed is that she clearly emphasizes the thing that she is the N.1 lady detective in Botswana. This probably tells us that she wants to be the number one in something. She loves to drive her dated tiny white van. This tells that she is pleased what she has and doesn’t need a brand new supervan. On the basis of the book Precious Ramotswe has a great personality and she is a colorful character.

Challenging words:

  1. porcupine = piikkisika
  2. rambling = sokkeloinen
  3. implications = vaikutukset
  4. mournfully = murheellisesti
  5. commemoration = muistojuhla
  6. obliging = velvoittaa
  7. corridor = käytävä
  8. cling = takertua
  9. tenaciously = sitkeästi
  10. contentendly = tyytväisenä


Gentle African Woman

Precious Ramotswe is the main character of the book No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. She is a black fat woman who lives in Botswana in Africa. She says in the book that her body built is traditional and not fat. She also is very kind and she has a good heart. Mma Ramotswe’s job is to solve people’s problems and mysteries and she is pretty good at it. She forms her own detective agency and that is what the story is all about.

As I already said Mma Ramotswe is an exelent detective, because of her job she knows the law and always tries to do the right choices, but she is not perfect. For exemple she screwed up one case, where she tried to prove that the client’s husband was not loyal for the client. Anyway Mma Ramotswe only wants good for the people and for her country, Botswana, which she loves so much. That is why she become the detective, for helping people.

For all the people Mma Ramotswe’s dearest friend was her father who dies at the begining of the book. Her father teached her everything about Botswana, Africa, people, everything. That is why she became much stronger person after her father past away. And during the book Mma Ramotswe grows a lot as a person and as a detective.

Challenging words:

  1. scale – asteikko
  2. hunch – aavistus
  3. apprenticeship – oppisopimuskoulutus
  4. shrilly – kimakasti
  5. ashtray – tuhkakuppi
  6. pacify – rauhoittaa

Mindmap of Mma Ramotswe

Traditional African lady

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency tells a phenomenal story about Precious Ramotswe. She decides to  start a detective agency and be the first female private detective in Botswana. Precious solves the problems quite well until something weird happens. She and her friend J.L.B Matekoni find a bone from a crashed car. Moreover, it seems like J.L.B Matekoni is in love with Precious. More

shepherd is valiant

The Alchemist tells about a boy who wants to become a shepherd and travels around the Andalusia and sees the world. The shepherd makes his reccurent dream to come true by travelling to the Pyramids of Egypt to find his treasure what he has dreamt about. He travels throught the desert and meets an alchemist who teaches him about the omens and life. On the way to find his treasure the shepherd comes across of intimidating new situtations which are hazardous.

The main character of The Alchemist is a boy who becomes a shepherd. His parents want him to become a pope, but the boy’s aspiration is travelling. He is single-minded when he lives his family to follow his dreams and he doesn’t care about what others think.  He is religious and he belives in God and in omens, omens what the world shows for  him. Because of his deeply belief in God, the character makes just choices. His act can be wise or unwise. He finds his love and travels away from her  to search for the treasure. I don’t know is that really wise but on the other hand, his aim was to find his treasure so why abandon a dream because of  a woman he felt in love at first glance.

However,  in my view the shepherd is really wise and brave.  He has a courage to travel to unknown places where the culture is totally different than in Andalusia where he’s from and he trusts to people he has just met. Getting into difficulties actually means he could die, but the shepherd keeps his mind cold. He learns really fast new fine things for example, to speak the language of the world, feel the soul of the world and speak to it and he knows how to turn things into gold and change himself to a wind. The main character is round because he changes a lot as a person.  At the begining of the book he knows how his sheep behave and that’s pretty much what he knows the best. But in the end of the book, he just doesn’t see the world, he feels it. He intuits the meaning of the life and becomes more sagacious person. That’s why I think the main charater is valiant.

10 changelling words :

  1. Omen = Enne
  2. Tribe  = Heimo
  3. Conspire = Juonitella
  4. Oasis = Keidas, kosteikko
  5. Be obscured = Pimetä
  6. Apprentice = Harjoittelija
  7. Sentinel = Vahti, vartiomies
  8. Exultant = Riemukas
  9. Vessel = Alus, säiliö
  10. Veil = Huntu

Mindmap of Santiago, the main character


Paulo Coelho. 1988. The Alchemist. Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. HaperCollins. 2002

Stupid and Innocent

Of Mice and Men tells a story of Lennie and his best friend George who are on their way to work at a farm after many troubles that Lennie has caused at their previous working places. With their earnings from the job they would buy a very own farm where they dream to keep many kinds of animals.

At the farm Lennie and George live in a bunkhouse with other workers. While farm owner’s son is stirring up troubles Lennie tries to avoid them but finally things don’t end up well. After causing so many troubles Lennie gets killed.
Lennie Small is not a small guy at all. He is very quiet, tall and strong man but unfortunately not so intelligent. So he causes a lot of troubles for himself but also for his best friend George Milton. George helps Lennie but not always willingly.

Lennie is not a mean person. He is just not able to fully control his powers or things he says. As said in the book Lennie loves soft things and would want to have a pet. Few times he catches an animal for himself and pets it. First he wants to take care of a rat and then a dog puppy. But George prohibits those from him.

Because of his stupidity Lennie is not independent enough. Perhaps he doesn’t understand or he only thinks that George knows better what things are good and needed for him. If the not so smart side of Lennie is forgotten, the best sides will be brought into knowledge. For being very conscientious Lennie doesn’t avoid any kind of work but instead he always does his duties well.

Lennie doesn’t want anything bad to anyone so his destiny to get killed by his own best friend is unpleasant. However, everything always begins much earlier than stories describe. Though it is impossible to accept George’s decision whatever his motives really are. Lennie seems so innocent. Is it possible that a person without any bad thoughts and full of good purposes deserves only death instead of living out his dreams?

Challenging words


  1. Bunkhouse = punkkahuone, asuintila
  2. pet = silittää, hyväillä
  3. quick eyes = nopea katseinen
  4. excited = jännittynyt
  5. woods = metsät

Mindmap of Lennie

Nobody Owens

I readed a novel called “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman and I picked the main character of book for my analyse. His name is Nobody Owens, also known to friends as Bob.

Nobody Owens got his exceptional name from Mr. Owens and his wife Mrs. Owens. They found him from the street when he was only two years old. His parents got killed at the same night by a cold-blooded killer who tried also kill Bod, but he found only a teddy bear from the cot. Bod’s curiousity saved him from sure death. He is a blond hair boy with courage and passion.

Bod lives in the graveyard. He is teached by Silas and Miss Lupescu and they train Bod to survive and decide his own destiny. He learned many helpful skills.

Here is snatch from the text, when Bod meets the oldest one in the graveyard: “Are you the oldest? asked Bod.” “The oldest in the graveyard? I am.” “So you were the first to be buried here?” A hesitation. “Almost the first,” said Caius Pompeius.”.

10 difficult words and translations:

  1. debate = väittely, kiivas keskustelu
  2. determined = määrätietoinen, päättäväinen
  3. reluctantly = vastahakoisesti
  4. withering = musertava, kuihtuva
  5. conquered = vallata, voittaa (imperfekti-muoto)
  6. encountered = kohdata, tavata sattumalta (imperfekti-muoto)
  7. punctuated = höystää, katkaista toistuvasti (imperfekti-muoto)
  8. hesitation = epäröinti, epäröiminen
  9. boulder = lohkare, järkäle
  10. coiled = kiemurainen




Neil Gaiman, 2008, “The Graveyard Book”, United Kingdom

Lady in the Africa

Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,  tells about life in Africa, especially life in Botswana. The main character of the book is Ramotswe, and she is the only detective in the entire region. The book tells of her Cases, friends and show her everyday life.

Its  good that in this book, a woman is not typical skinny blonde.No, she is a middle-aged, large black woman.The book does not include sex, violence, gore or bad language and I have great respect for it.

Ramoswe is really resourceful, admirable and she always finish the case. She is also a caring and overbearing. In this book Ramotswe tries to help people with their everyday problems or cheating husbands.  It’s intresting to follow other characters in this book but Ramotswe impressed me.

Ramotwe’s life has been rough. Her mother passed away when she was little and her cousin raised her and teached her a lot of things which she will need in her life.  Later her dad died but she continued to run agency. She married a man named J.L.B Matekoni and I wish they start a family together. Cases were interesting but kind of short.


Challenging words:

gore = väkivalta

overbearing = määräilevä

resourceful = neuvokas, kekseliäs

Teenage Georgia

I read the book Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal snogging written by Louise Rennison. The book tells about ordinary teenage girl Georgia Nicolson’s life. Georgia lives in United Kingdom and she is madly  in love with Robbie,  but she can’t have him cause he already has a girlfriend, Robbie is older than Georgia so he thinks that Georgia is only a little girl.

I think that Georgia is ordinary teenage who want’s to get more experience of boys,  she want’s to start relationship with Robbie, also I think that she is a bit of bored her life and her family.  She doesn’t understand that she has a long future ahead. My advice to Georgia is ” Take your time  and don’t rush into things “.  As we all teenagers have pressures in our appearance and so has Georgia too, she has this big nose, it’s so fanny that she is all the time complaining it,  ” I hate my nose etc :)” . Typical teenager ! There must always be something that we don’t like, that’s fact.

How ever Georgia is a loving sister and she takes very good care of  her sister Libby and she is in good terms with her parents. Maybe she is now unknowing teenager but when she gets a little older she is going to understand life better and mature. I would describe Georgia that she is an honest, nice and friendly young girl. Georgia has a lot of friends and she come along very well with other people.

One thing that I didn’t understand was that why she was so angry with Jas, cause she had this relationship with Tom. Friendship should always come first, not BOYS!

Ten challenging words

  1. swollen= turvonnut
  2. plucking= nyppiminen
  3. tweezers= pinsetit
  4. tainted= pilaantunut
  5. toothy=leveä
  6. cripping=mukaansatempaava
  7. substitute=   korvata
  8. vending machine=myyntiautomaatti
  9. wrinkly=ryppyinen
  10. duty= velvollisuus

Mind map of main character

Piggy’s unseen power

William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies sets a group of English schoolboys in a desert island. 12-year-old Ralph gets voted as a chief but not everyone understands the importance of getting rescued he is trying to point out. They get to eat and playing in the lagoon seems to be all the youngest ones care for, “—as a time when play was good and life so full that hope was not necessary and therefore forgotten.” A white conch represents democracy among the boys and the one who holds it has a right to speak. The number of the schoolboys is not mentioned but there are enough of them to split the group as rival tribes. More

Kindness for weakness

Lennie Small is a protagonist in John Steinbeck’s book Of mice and men (1937). He and his best and only friend George Milton are ranch workers during the Great Depression in California. They have been fired from their previous job and they’re looking for a new one.

Lennie is simple-minded guy who is incapable of logical thinking. He let’s George do all the talking. For example, when they go to their new ranch they are supposed to work at, George does all the talking. That way he prevents Lennie from getting into trouble. And Lennie does indeed find himself in trouble often. I don’t know what it is but  something in Lennie gets him into trouble. And he sure doesn’t want trouble, it’s just his destiny sort of. The book doesn’t answer the question why Lennie is how he is. I think he was just born that way.

He is very kind to people. He would never hurt anyone on purpose. That is something the reader need to understand while reading the book. The trouble always find Lennie. Not the other way around. His kindness also comes out in the form of loving animals. His obsession is rabbits and dogs. Especially rabbits. Lennie dreams of his and George’s own ranch where he can tend his rabbits. That fact tells much about his personality. He isn’t a social person. He talks almost only to George. He’s more interested in animals than in conversing with other people. And in the book he completely loses track of time while watching dog puppies.

 Picture of Lennie tending puppies in the movie version of Of Mice And Men

Ultimately Lennie is a good person. He does unwise and stupid things sometimes but that is only because he is so simple a man. For example, Lennie is really strong but he can’t control his strength so he accidentally kills a woman. But he didn’t do it because he was a bad person. He wouldn’t want harm to anyone. And his loyalty to George testify to the fact that deep down he is a peace-loving man.

But on the other hand Lennie is a menace to George. George always has to watch behind him to keep him out of trouble. And still they have a very deep and respectful friendship, it’s almost like they were brothers. Lennie is also sensitive. He is not afraid of expressing feelings. You could say he is a genuine man because he doesn’t think much, so he doesn’t have any pressure from the society regarding what he should be like.

He doesn’t grow as a character in the book. He’s the same dummy throughout the whole book. And it’s good because I personally wouldn’t want Lennie to change because his personality is what the book is based on.

In a nutshell, Lennie is a heart-warming and very enjoyable character. Even when he does bad things, the reader knows it is not because his evil. He simply just can’t control himself sometimes and that is understandable. Of mice and men teaches people to respect differences between people. People are all equal but unique at the same time.

Mind map of Lennie:


7 words (didn’t find 10 challenging ones):

Bunkhouse = A room where a group of people sleep in bunk beds.

Pet = Love, cuddle

Quick eyes = A person with a precise sight

Excited = agitated

Woods = Forest

Purty = Pretty

On the outside = After, beyond


Steinbeck, John. 1937. Of Mice And Men. New York:  Covici Friede Inc.

Not Alive Nor Dead, But Something In Between

Silas is a minor character in Neil Gaiman’s novel The Graveyard Book. The book’s protagonist, a toddler named Bod, finds his way to the graveyard where Silas dwells. He’s adopted by a ghost couple and Silas is assigned as his guardian, mostly due to the fact that he is “neither living nor dead”, so he isn’t bound to the graveyard like the ghosts are and thus can leave it to get food. I chose Silas for me to look more into because he’s the character that left the biggest impression on me, for whatever reason.


A mother and a survivor

Fiona is the oldest of the O`Briens siblings. She has twin boys and husband named Mark and they both work on mathematics. She loves her family more than anything and devotes her whole life for being a good wife and a mother.

When the siblings were small their mother died because of cancer and their father became depressed after that Fiona took care of her family. She was only the age of thirteen but she already ironed her fathers shirts and made food for her sister and brother. While she was taking care of the familys well being her sibling were having fun and living their youth. She never got her youth back and inside she felt bad about it but no-one knew about it. Fiona was the one everyone counted and depended on. Maybe it was her childhood that made her be a responsible woman and a mother.

Fiona takes care of everybody and for example makes sure her twins have good and healthy life. She oftenly forgets about her own well being while thinking of everybody elses well being. Even after she gets cancer she isin`t concered of herself but of her close ones. But her family loves her and does everything to get Fiona feel better. After her chemotherapy she feels like a different person and in a way cancer changes her completely, Fiona starts to appreciate more the small thing in life and starts being more flexible with her strict rules . In my opinion Fiona is the wisest and most stable person in the story and of course a survivor.

Mind map of Fiona

Little Miss Vampire

A poor, tangle-haired girl Claudia has lost her parents in the raging plague when Louis finds her. She is confused and with all the heavy tears in her eyes, she doesn’t even notice how the vampire floods his teeth in her neck. Claudia is turned into a cold blood, saved from certain death and yet cursed for eternity.

“She was not a child any longer, she was a vampire child.”


Bod – more dead than alive

Murderer called The man Jack kills The Dorians family but the youngest only a little over year old toddler  managed to avoid his family’s murderer. The boy ends up in the graveyard and he will be raised and educated by the ghosts, werewolves, other cemetery denizens and he also has a guardian who belongs to neither the world of the dead nor the living. They protect the Boy, Nobody Owens, called Bod for short untill he turns up fifteen years, to a young man and is ready to encounter his childhood enemy.


Why do we listen to our hearts?

One night Santiago has a dream about finding treasure in the pyramids of Egypt, but before he finds out where the treasure is buried he wakes up. Santiago becomes perturbed about this dream as he has had the dream twice before and it always occurred at the same place, in the grounds of an old ruined church. Santiago wonders if the dream is telling him to go and fulfil his destiny. He finally gets the courage to ask his father’s permission to become a shepherd so that he can travel the fields of Andalusia.

Santiago’s lifestyle as a shepherd has provided him with a lot of freedom. All he has to do is allow his sheep to lead the way for a while and he will always find a new path. The difference between him and the sheep, though, is that the sheep never know they are on a new path. Once again, all they think about is food and water. Santiago realizes that dreaming about what you don’t have is what makes life interesting.That’s why he is particularly suited to findin his Personal Legend. And also he realizes that playing it safe is often more threatening to his freedom than taking a risk.

At times we see and feel his fear, but along his journey, he learns to listen to his heart and to trust what his heart teaches him. Santiago makes great change from beginning, to the end of his journey. He learns how to stay true to his dreams and to understand the desert. And he also descovers that “treasure lies where your heart belongs”, and that the treasure was the journey itself, the discoveries he made, and the wisdom he acquired. Santiago also says in the story that it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting and important.

Holden Caulfield

Holden Caulfield, 16 years old, is the main character and narrator in J.D Salingers novel “The Catcher in the Rye”. The novel is written completely from his perspective, so he gets well-known when reading it. Holden enjoys reading books and writing, but he hates movies. He’s rather tall and looks more mature than he actually is. A usual thing for him to do is to light up his cigarette and start walking down the streets of New York, eyeing on people and having an opinion on even the smallest things around him. He’s a young man who seeks for an escape from his life and his frustration and literally, tries to kill the time, because there’s really nothing notable to do in his life. His influence on other people is mostly upsetting them and getting them worried about him. More

Revolutionary Irish-American brawler

The book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962) tells about Randle Patrick McMurphy who has been transferred from prison to mental hospital because he decides to declare himself insane so he would be transferred and so he avoids the work at prison.  R.P. McMurphy is 35-year-old and he has never been married. He was charged from gambling, and a statutory rape, but he was never convicted from that sue. And that was the ground why he was arrested and took into custody. R.P. McMurphy is a very colourful person, he laughs a lot and he doesn’t care about rules eg. at the insane asylum where acutes and cronics are sorted into two groups and they aren’t in contact. But R.P. McMurphy doesn’t care he just goes and shakes everyone’s hands, even though some patients are unable to move their arms. He kinda mixes them up. And because of that act Nurse Ratched reminds him that it’s forbidden. And from the early beginning R.P. McMurphy and Nurse Ratched are arguing. And that is going on almost all time of this story, but Nurse Ratched has an ace in her sleeve for McMurphy in the end..

R.P.McMurphy is not really mentally insane, he just plays his role to avoid the work. And because he hasn’t never been diagnosed to have a mental deficiency he is on a probation. That’s how the doctors can tell is he capable to do work or does he have to be locked into four white-walls. R.P. McMurphy plays he cards well and he avoids the work. So now he can enjoy his luxury time at the “full-service hotel”. And because of his personality he questions Nurse Ratched’s authority. Why he does that? Because they have those daily meetings with a doctor so they could talk about their and others problems and maybe solve them. But Nurse Ratched has kind a little shade of sarcasm in her every sentence and with that she manipulates the patients and so she makes herself a “dictator” and because of that R.P. McMurphy feels that he and all the others are not treated equally. So he wants to make a change and starts to raise anarchy at the section. R.P. McMurphy’s goal is to manage to get some of the patients to fight their back, so they wouldn’t be so easily controllable. But it is futile to part-time.

McMurphy has some Irish-background and due that he enjoys a large amount of beverages. And I think his aggressive style comes from that background. McMurphy also tries once to get some of the boys to escape from the town to have a pint o’ beer and watch the game. But the support from other wasn’t so huge. McMurphy was willing to escape to the town because he hadn’t been there for a long time. The patients can only be at the courtyard and play basketball and other games. But that’s not McMurphy’s greatest interest. He’s kinda a traveller so he can’t hold still for a long time. So he has to accept to play blackjack with other mates.

McMurphy makes a tight friendship with Chief Bromden whose mute-deaf half-Indian. He teaches him to play basketball and some other things. I think McMurphy sees at this 6 ft 10 tall giant something more than his appearance. I think McMurphy was glad afterwards that he made friendship with him, I’m not telling more from that subject because you may find it yourself when you read this novel.

I myself find R.P. McMurphy very interesting cause he has the blink in his eye and his always doing something unexpected. So it was nice to read this book because of this colourful character who gave me a couple laughs and brought the sun to my rainy days. R.P. McMurphy is very social person and that was the point what I found attractive.

Ten challenging words from the novel

  1. inadequacy ~ riittämättömyys
  2. synthetic opiate ~ synteettinen opiaatti
  3. scatterbrain ~ törppö
  4. griddle ~ muurinpohjapannu
  5. epileptic ~ epileptikko
  6. schematic ~ kaavamainen
  7. sophisticated ~ hienostunut
  8. privilege ~ etuoikeus
  9. grimacing ~ irvistäen
  10. strides ~ harppauksin

Randle Patrick McMurphy’s mindmap 

Ken Kesey. 1962. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Her journey to where he has already been; future

Character analysis

I have chosen Clare Abshire from Audrey Niffenegger’s book the Time Traveler’s Wife for my character analysis. I chose her because she’s such a fascinating a character. I wanted to study more about her since she is one of the main characters of the book and she seemed so endearing, and I could really see myself in her situation. The story, from Clare’s point of view, starts when she’s a six-year-old girl playing in the meadow when suddenly Henry, in his fourties, emerges out of no where into her sight. This keeps happening until Clare’s eighteen, and a few years after that they finally meet in real time in Chicago. The whole book depicts the story of their love, that is unaffiliated by time, Henry’s time traveling journeys and Clare’s longing for him while he’s gone.

Clare is the protagonist, since she always waits for her husband and never leaves him though he’s involuntary not reliable. Clare is an artist, which already tells something about her charasterictics; she’s creative. She makes abstract paper art in a studio in their apartment. She’s gentle, caring and loving when it comes to Henry, she really loves him more than anything and would probably do anything for him. When they’re trying to have a baby, and it doesn’t work out instantly, Clare is stubborn and she insists on having a baby eventhough they had already had six miscarriages. From that I also presume that Clare is determined on getting what she wants, and rather used to then get it. She can also tolerate pain well, if she has already had six miscarriages and she still wants to try again. Clare is extremely beautiful with her long, red and curly hair, but that’s  not the reason why Henry has such an unbelievable love for her: she’s also captivating when it comes to her personality. My opinion of Clare is that, she’s a righteous and good woman all the way to her core, she has many positive characteristics, but also few negatives, like being frustrated with Henry when he’s time traveling.

I think Clare makes just choises in her life, though her choises are not always smart. For example, when she agrees to marry Henry she bonds her life to his unsteady, erratic lifestyle. It depends on the person whether that’s wise, but for Clare it is, since actually it wouldn’t be wise to fight against something that has already happened, in the future. Sometimes Clare feels like she can’t make her own decisions nor choises, because Henry has told her about their future together. Clare’s motivation to do anything that she does is due to Henry. When she was just a little girl, she already knew that she wanted and would marry him, so every move she made she made to get to him in real time. She always thinks about others and she’s not selfish at all. Clare’s behaviour effects on Henry and vice versa.

Clare is a round character, of course, because the book describes her life  in her childhood, adolescence and adulthood and when she gets older she grows physically but also mentally. She changes when she gets married to Henry and especially when she gives birth to her first-born, Alba. That’s when she really grows up to be an adult, a parent, and she becomes more liable. If I were Clare, I wouldn’t have made the exact same choises. For example I wouldn’t have tried to get a baby after six miscarriages! I adore the way she’s loving and caring with Henry and Alba and I’m sort of jealous about Clare’s characteristics. I find Clare a truly astonishing and lively person!

10 most challenging words

enmeshed           sotkeutunut

illuminated        valaistu

plausible            uskottava

bifocals             kaksitehot (silmälasit)

withdraw           vetäytyä

lather                saippuavaahto

chignon            nuttura

plow                 aurata

embalm            palsamoida

convexity         kuperuus

Henry and Clare.

Mindmap of Clare

Audrey Niffenegger. 2004. The Time Traveler’s Wife. London: Vintage.

A boy who wanted to be a catcher in the rye

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger is a story about a boy named Holden Caulfield. Holden gets kicked out of school and travels to New York. Holden describes his experiences while being there and we get to read what’s going on in the boy’s head.


The man who met a woman

The character that I chose in The God of Small Things book hasn’t a big role in the book although he is the twins father. I chose Baba because he is mad and angry all the time and I didn’t like him at all. Baba has two kids, both of them are the books main character so it’s weird that the book don’t tell about him so much. Baba has a dad but he died before twins( Rahel and Estha).

Baba is well-built man who wears traditional clothes and old-fasioned spectacles. He looks clerk or so they say in the book. He is small and delightful-looking. ”- easy-going charm and juvenile but totally disarming sense of humour.” This is how the book tells about him.

Baba lived in Calcutta before he met Ammu. He was 25 years old and he had been an assistant manager of a tea estate over six years. When he met Ammu I think that he fell in love for a first sight because he propose Ammu five days later.  Soon they moved in Assam, where they bought their own house. And then Ammu was pregnant and she was waiting twins. Rapidly Baba turn out to be a drink addict and sooner or later Ammu saw how he act when he was drunk. Baba was violent and he hit her wife almost every day. I think that Baba was impulsive especially when he had drunk alcohol.

It was bad for Baba that Ammu left him. They divorced because Baba was so ferocious. Some habits that children’s have reminds Ammu what kind of people Baba was ” Ammu hated them blowing spit.bubbles. She said it reminded her of Baba. Their father.” Baba is so obstinate and smug. He was loosing hes job but then he tried to sell his wife to his boss. I pity him, he devastate his life because he was stupid and egotistical as the book says ” he never explained or apologized. He just giggled-”

You can feel his anger in the book. Sometimes his children’s call to mind that their father hit them. But all in all Baba felt sorry about that, because he sober up and stopped drinking(for a time). Baba remarried and got his job back. Later his son Estha move with him in Calcutta. Baba let his son to move back in Ayemenem when Estha is old enough.

Baba is a steamed lunatic but still he care about his children’s though he gave his children’s smoke his cigarettes.. It gives me a feeling that he really didn’t care about them at all.. He has a bit weird habit to indicate his love but I think that is a cultural difference.

Mindmap of Baba
Ten difficult words:

descendants – jälkeläinen

bourgeoisie – porvaristo

dictate – sanella

hatch – varjostaa

jolly – iloinen

swoop – syöksy

grizzled – harmaantunut

prearranged – sovittu

compassionate – armahtavainen

deprivation – riisto

Arundhati Roy. 1997. The God of Small Things.  London: Flamingo.


Character analyse

The book Interview With the Vampire  is about Louis’ and Lestat’s lives as vampires. The protagonists are Louis and Lestat. Louis is a depressed young man who don’t care if he is dead or alive, since he has lost his brother and blames himself about it. That’s when Lestat steps into the story and turns Louis to a vampire and that’s when their long partnership begins. 

The other protagonist Lestat is a charismatic and selfish vampire who doesn’t care about others feelings or opinions. He does whatever he wants and asks no-one for permission on his actions. He is gallant and no-one can resist him, until people realise that they are going to die, because Lestat is going to drink their blood. He don’t care who he kills. He has been a vampire for a long time and that’s why he is got used to kill people to feed himself.  I think that Lestat is humorous in a little twisted way and kind of amusing. He is selfish, but he does listen to Louis’ problems and issues, still he doesn’t always understand Louis’ perspectives and he often laughs and mocks Louis’ manners. For example Lestat doesn’t understand the fact that Louis eats from rats in the beginning, because he doesn’t want to kill people. Lestat is a survivor, because after all nasty things that he experiences, since his little vampire girl Claudia and later his partner Louis tries to kill him, he still manages to stay alive and get on with his live. Lestat is from the beginning of the book to the end himself. His personality doesn’t change a bit in the book, which I liked. Of course he had some hard times which made him a bit weak, but only for temporary.

10 Challenging words

 gnash= kiristellä

tremor=tärinä/ värähtely 

mischievous= vahingollinen/tuhma

escapade= hurjastelu

puffed= hengästynyt

accumulating= kasaantuva

 obliterated= hävitetty

tenacious= peräänantamaton

grin= irvistellä

linger= hidastella

Trailer of the movie

Nobody Owens

10 challenging words

1. mausoleum = mausoleumi

2.accumulation = kasaantuma, karttuminen

3. suspiciously = epäluuloisesti

4. regretfully = valitettavasti

5. unquestionably = kieltämättä, ehdottomasti

6. irrelevancies = epäolennaisuuksia

7. enormous = jättiläiskokoinen

8. dismal = ankea, kolkko

9. instruction = ohje, käsky

10. generosity = anteliaisuus, jalomielisyys

Character analyses

  Nobody Owens is the main character in this story. Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bob, is perfectly normal boy. Nobody Owens is a typical boy except for the fact that he calls a graveyard his home.  His family was murdered when he was a toddler and Nobody only saves himself from a similar fate by being innately curious.

   The overall story of Nobody Owens is captivating and endearing.  Nobody is an easy to love character and at the end of the book, i almost wish i could follow the boy to see where he might end up.

 I really like what he said at the end ” I want to see life. I want to hold it in my hands. Iwant to leave a footprint on the sand of desert island. I want to play football with people. I want everything.”  I think the world has a lot of people just want same like him and I am one of them.

mind map



Gaiman, Neil.  2008.  The Graveyard Book. London

The Graveyard Book Trailer Narrated by Neil Gaiman




She was born only because her parents wanted to save her sister's life.
Kate was dying from leukemia and Anna was expected to donate a kidney to her.
Kate suffers from a rare form of leukaemia.

Difficult words:
Reeling = Kelaaminen
Tenacity = Sitkeys
Belligerent = Sotaisa
Shrug = Olankohautus
Peripheral = Toisarvoinen
Wedged = Juuttunut
Boulder = Siirtolohkare
Approximation = Lähentämisestä
Rhododendrons = -----
Parochial = Seurakunnan

Cya phonies!

Holden Caulfield, 16, our protagonist in the book The Catcher in the Rye, goes Pencey prep, or used to. He also used to go three other schools. For the fourth time he gets expelled from school and is told to leave soon. Holden decides it’s better head for home, but before that, he goes to New York. There he spends three days and experiences a lot of stuff and describes all his thoughts and feelings.

Holden is a very strong person. He has his own, mostly way or another radical opinions which usually ends up to solutions that how phony everything and everyone is. It seems that he doesn’t care much what he says to others and because being such a bad-mouth, he often gets in trouble and even few times beaten up. He’s very good with words, you can see him saying ”phony” and ”that kills me” a lot and of course swearing swearing swearing, that verbose side of him is very admirable… Even though he seems such a badass, he has some sensitive and yet positive feelings, especially when talking about his little sister Pheobe. He seems to have a lot of friends though they don’t show up very often and of course most of them are ”phony.”

All in all Holden Caulfield is very mature for his age and seems like he could have been born to some kind of ghetto because he’s such a badass.


Few words:

Witty = Näsäviisas

Anxious = Jännittynyt, halukas, malttamaton

Braids = Letittää

Chisel = Ryöstää

Spendthrift = Tuhlari

Incognito = tuntematon

Matinee = Päivänäytös

Phony = Teeskentelijä

Inferiority complex = Alemmuuskompleksi

Digression = Syrjähyppy

Wicked little girl Claudia

Lestat transforms Claudia to a vampire when she is little girl. First Claudia respects him but little by little she starts hating him and wants to murder Lestat.  Claudia is nascent girl but she is caged in little girls body and she grows only mentally. She is also very determined because she decides herself to kill Lestat and she almost succeed in  it. She uses her innocence to kill people which makes she naughty.

Little genius

Roald Dahl´s in the year 1988 published book Matilda tells a story about a little four-year-old  genius girl, who likes to read books and is the best of her school glass. Her parents don´t care about her and they think that Matilda is nuisance little liar, who should watch more TV. Book is full of black humor and every character have their own personality and own task in the book.

Although the book is quite unrealized, I have to think how Matilda can be so talented without that nobody never teach her ?  Or can Matilda´just be  natural talented  ? Matilda is just a four-year-old and she had read more books than many adults have ever read . She is also mathematically talented and she can do extraordinary tricks with her eyes. I could say that she is every kind of way very smart. She knows what is wrong and what is right. She is very different than her parents and brother. She appreciates things than they. Matilda’s mom says that it´s important to look good and get a rich man than study hard and read books. Matildas´s father shell stolen cars and cheat customers. And her brother wants to be like his father. If I have that kind of family, I think that I would love to make up lot and I wouldn´t care anything but myself. But Matilda is not that kind of person. She walks her own way and looks down on her parents.

Matilda grows up during the story. She learns to understand that she doesn´t need to accept those things what her parents do. She find people who appreciate her skills and who realize that she is a little genius.

Roald Dahl. 1988. Matilda. London: Penguin Books Ltd

Ten words:

Brandish = Heiluttaa     Clutching =Kytkentä    Grasshopper = Heinäsirkka                   Refuse = Kieltää       Mooch = Vetelehtiä     Inherited = Peritty       Tremendous=Erikoinen    Sqruit = Ruisku    Root= Juuri, alku    Comparatively=Verrattain


Little girl without caring

 I have read Roald Dahl´s book Matilda, which was published in 1988. The book tells about five years old girl, who is genius. Reader can see Madilda´s wisdom when Matilda starts to read age of three newspapers and age of four she could read fast and well.

  Matilda´s parents don´t care about doughter´s skills. They don´t have any books at home, only one cooking book. Parents don´t read anything, only watch TV. They don´t encourage to read, they try to get Matilda stop reading, but Matilda is determined and continue reading. When she is at home alone, she goes to the library and read books there. Matilda doesn´t know that she can borrow books, and bring it back, when she has read the book.
  Matilda is very quick to learn everything, but parents doesn´t realize that at all. They want Matilda would be sillier, but Matilda just makes fun of them and cheat her parents. I like Matilda, because she is very innocent, or she can act that at least. Matilda knows, her parents doesn´t realizthat she is genius but Matilda doesn´t care, so she continue to learn new things. She doesn´t care what others says. I like that attitude!
  Still, Matilda have some people who realize her skills and encourage her to continue. Matilda reads alot, and I think she is a read-worm! I respect that, because I am not a read-worm, never been…
Some words:
 breech= lukko
jolly= iloinen
the telly=televisio,töllö

Matilda mindmap

Desert flower

“While my father and the rest of the family were still sleeping, my mother woke me and said, “Go now.” I looked around for something to grab, something to take, but there was nothing, no bottle of water, no jar of milk, no basket of food. So, barefoot, and wearing only a scarf draped around me, I ran off into the black desert night.”

About a book :Desert flower is the story of  Waris Dirie. She survived of the dangerous Somalian desert, she got to London . While she was working at MC Donalds, she was found by a fashion photographer and she became one of the world´s supermodels.

I like this book alot especially because it is a true strory wich happened quiet recently.Its hard to imagine what some child have to go through.This book has truly inspired me.

About a character : Waris means desert flower .Waris growed up in a nomad family and was a hardworking girl.Waris lives happily with her family until she was around five years old. When she went through the practice of female circumcision, it changed her life. At 14, her father introduces her to an old man – her future husband. Waris decides to run away, and so beings her incredible journey.

In my personal opinion, Waris has such a bold personality ,because she wants to make a better future for herself. It is a source of inspiration for young women.

Challenging words

circumsision = ympärileikkaus

tetanus = jäykkäkouristus

priority = tärkeys

grin = virnistää

torture = kidutus

procedure = menetelmä

evocative = mielikuvia herättävä

frown =rypistää otsaansa

midst = keskellä

A Girl Who Wanted To Be Heard

The book Matilda by Roald Dahl tells about young but very ambitious girl. Matilda is only five years old but read massive numbers of books and many of those were classics like; Dickens, Kipling and Hemingway.

I think that Matilda is extreme intelligent little girl, but it is a shame that her parents don’t know how to appreciate her talents. This is, in my opinion, very pity because Matilda is actually a prodigy, a genius. But behind all of this is just a sensitive little girl who I think, wanted to be approved by her parents. Matilda’s parents treat her like a crap which dare her to do all kinds of small pranks, like glue a hat onto her father’s head.

Matilda’s parents think that the girl is a menace but i think that she just wanted to be heard and noticed.

Mindmap of Matilda

An Honest Giant

The BFG is  the name of the main character but it is an abbreviation from Big Friendly Giant. His name tells a lot about him, because he is very friendly and enourmosly big -well of course when we are talking about a giant! The BFG lives in Giantland with other giants. He is separated from the group since he is different and he doesn’t like the others because they bully him.

The BFG is also very  kind, honest and sweet person. You can notice that simply because The BFG doesn’t eat people, even if it’s kind of natural for them, and even when all the other giants do eat humans. The BFG thinks that it’s disgusting and wrong to hurt others. The BFG doesn’t know how to cook so he has to eat a terrible snozzcumber vegetable. When Sophie (a little girl who is giant’s best friend) asks The BFG why doesn’t he eat for example carrots or other good vegetables, The BFG answers that he doesn’t know how to grow them, and he could not steal those from innocent people, because it’s wrong.

The sweetest thing about The BFG is that he can’t speak proper english. Typical sentences from him are for example “I is tired” or ” Is I right or left?” meaning to ask if he is right or wrong.


Strange mum

Short Plot:

The concept of a terminal illness always brings a lot of pain, especially when the sick children who have not managed to see anything in this life. It gives a lot of pain to their relatives, who feel powerless, helpless. In books:”My sister´s keeper”, Kate’s mother did everything that she could to save his sick daughter. She gave birth to another child in order to reduce the suffering of Kate and save her, using her younger daughter as a donor. Later, a younger girl to grow and refuses to sacrifice himself for his sister. Subject to the right of the minor daughter against their own parents.

Character analysis (Ms Fitzegerald):

From all character, I didn´t understood Anna´s and Kate´s mum ms Fitzgerald. Of course I can understand mother loves but I can´t understand how she can kill her own child in favor of another own child.?! I think if you have for example two child you must love them both equally.
All of ms Fitzgerald action, I has shock when she in tribunal spoke only about what is better for Kate, and she doesn´t think that Anna is too her daughter.

I think that she is perfect mum for Kate. He was ready to do anything that Kate would be happy. Once, when Kate didn´t want to go out on the ground because she was bald, and all staring at her, and she thought that she isn´t pretty. Her mother went to the bathroom and cut herself bald to be the same as Kate. She left her job in order to be more with Kate.

But unfortunately, with Anna, she was different. Of course she is not bothered her, bought her a variety of goods and in no way devalued her and I am sure that he loved her own way, but  Katie was clearly more important to her. And she was willing to give up in order to cover Anna was alive.
Mind map:
Jodi, Picoult. 2004. My sister´s keeper. Great Britain: Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.

10 challenging words

  1. Cornerstone=kulmakivi
  2. Vacuum = tyhjiö
  3. Placenta =istukka
  4. iron lung = rauta keuhko
  5. Raised =esille
  6. Elbows = Kyynärpäät
  7. Fist -=nyrkki
  8. Upward = nouseva
  9. Fluff =hahtuva
  10. Grocery =Ruokakauppa

My Sister’s Keeper – Movie Trailer – Jodi Picoult novel

Holden Caulfield – Bully or bullied?

The main character of J. D. Salingers book The Catcher in the Rye is Holden Caulfield and he is a sixteen-year-old boy who has just been expelled from a school called Pencey Prep. He has failed now from four different schools. He has visited psychiatrist for an unspecified complaint and he has trouble making his social life better than it was. Reading the book, you notice two things what has happened in his past that have something to do with his emotional state. 1. death of his brother Allie and 2. the suicide of one of his schoolmates.


Analyzing Elisabeth Larsson

The book An Instant In The Wind by André Brink is a story of two entirely different people. A white woman and black man, slave, meet in the middle of  the desert African heat. Then starts the journey together back to ”home” and on the way  so prejudices as clothing are taking off.  Love story is about to begin.

Second of the main characters, Elisabeth Larsson is in the beginning of the story a shallow, introverted and omniscient person. The Story unfolds that she is also a loving and caring and really interesting person, how is a little bit lost in her life. Elisabeths caprice to getting married young and  wandering around Africa with an adventurous husband, is catching up with her. Her husbands sudden death leaves her in the middle of nowhere. She realises that she is really alone and doesn’t know anything about life yet, until she meets her ”white knight”, Adam, who falls in love with Elisabeth’s beauty. He can’t be helping the sad, lost girl and Elisabeths shale is slowly beginning to fall apart.

While reading the story further and further I started like the character. She revealed some interesting things and the extracts from the past helped to understand the person better. It was interesting to watch Elisabeth’s journey through Africa and to see a person to change within the story.

Elisabeth’s mind map

10 challenging words

finch = peippo

wagon = vankkurit

reflection = kuvajainen

grain of sand = hiekanjyvä

rising tide = nousuvesi

twinkle = tuike

mocking = ivallinen

chirp = visertää

mirage = kangastus

governor = kuvernööri

Introducing vampire Lestat

Lestat mind map

Depressed robot?

The universe’s most depressed being, Marvin robot. It’s a prototype of robots whom has feelings, Marvin isn’t the happy one.
Marvin is a side character who hops in to the adventure before half of the book. Marvin is owned by Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy, but the title matters nothing to Marvin. Marvin will be the most depressing character you will ever come across with.

By analysing the content of Marvin I have come across a solution that Marvin is a male robot, because it behaves like male and in the movie it had male voice, not neutral robot voice. Marvin doesn’t laugh nor is happy and he thinks jokes as sarcastic and offending and they always have to do somehow with Marvin and his life.
In a dangerous situation where Marvins life is at risk, he doesn’t care if his misories are going to be set. He always integrates the misories to his life and how it would be better if he was set off or something bad happened to him.
Thinking Marvin more deeply raises the guestion, why doesn’t Marvin end his life by himself, because he doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. Does he still have something to worth live for or does he not want something to disappear.
In the spaceship Marving hates the ship itself and self-satisfied doors, that makes sort of moaning noises while opening and closing. Others might think that’s peculiar or funny, but Marvin hates the door still a lot and couldn’t care less what others think about him nor what he does and thinks.
In the book Marvin’s depressed talking maybe got a little overmuch, but sometimes it managed to be funny to the reader. The next quote isn’t funny sadly. “I only have to talk to somebody and they begin to hate me. Even the robots hate me. If you just ignore me I expect I shall probably go away.

I think Douglas Adams is trying to message that the technology develops too rapidly and urge to give the robots feelings sometime in the short-term future. Adam does not seem to be delighted of this.

My mindmap of Marvin (click it for a larger image):

What does Marvin look like?

By the book (sticker)

By the movie

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