Desert flower

“While my father and the rest of the family were still sleeping, my mother woke me and said, “Go now.” I looked around for something to grab, something to take, but there was nothing, no bottle of water, no jar of milk, no basket of food. So, barefoot, and wearing only a scarf draped around me, I ran off into the black desert night.”

About a book :Desert flower is the story of  Waris Dirie. She survived of the dangerous Somalian desert, she got to London . While she was working at MC Donalds, she was found by a fashion photographer and she became one of the world´s supermodels.

I like this book alot especially because it is a true strory wich happened quiet recently.Its hard to imagine what some child have to go through.This book has truly inspired me.

About a character : Waris means desert flower .Waris growed up in a nomad family and was a hardworking girl.Waris lives happily with her family until she was around five years old. When she went through the practice of female circumcision, it changed her life. At 14, her father introduces her to an old man – her future husband. Waris decides to run away, and so beings her incredible journey.

In my personal opinion, Waris has such a bold personality ,because she wants to make a better future for herself. It is a source of inspiration for young women.

Challenging words

circumsision = ympärileikkaus

tetanus = jäykkäkouristus

priority = tärkeys

grin = virnistää

torture = kidutus

procedure = menetelmä

evocative = mielikuvia herättävä

frown =rypistää otsaansa

midst = keskellä


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