Brida has to have the courage

Brida is a leading character in a book Brida by Paulo Coelho. She has everything a man can possibly ask in life. Good job, loving and responsive boyfriend and the whole life still ahead. But she also has urgent need to seek for knowledge. Brida wants to learn to understand the world and its mysteries. She is a determined, young and unknowing woman, who has to be able to take risks, fail and not to be scared by disillusion. That’s why Brida is a interesting character, because being honest to your soul is troublesome for any of us. It’s encouraging to be a part whit Brida in her voyage of discovery.

The Magus and Wicca are Bridas mental leaders. With them she get acquainted with The Tradition of the Sun and The Tradition of the Moon. The are moments when she is tenuous and distrustful and doesn’t know if she is on the right path. But those moments coerce her to research her soul, and those moments teaches her to make decisions without hesitate.

The whole story solidify to finding our soul mate. “Our soul divides in two, and those new souls are turn transformed into two and so, within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of Earth.– That is why, as well as divining into two, we also find ourselves. And that process of finding ourselves is called Love.” The more Brida learns about soul mate and magic, the more she begin to worry if she had chosen the right man. She is afraid that Lorens (her boyfriend) might not fit into her life, while she is getting more and more new point of views in life. Brida learn to notice simple miracles in the System and that way give herself up to sensibleness.

My opinion about Brida transformed many times while reading. That’s why i tried to portray her with many different kind of adjectives. I’m sure there are hundreds of interpretations about her. If you think yourself as a forbearing person, i can greatly recommend this book to you!

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Mind map of Brida

10 challenging words from the book:

1. aimlessly- päämäärättä

2. triumph- voitto, saavutus

3. abbey- luostari

4. subsequent- myöhempi, seuraava

5. appreciate- arvostaa

6. contemplate- ajatella, pohtia, miettiä

7. enlightened- valistua, perehtyä

8. frailty- heikkous

9. exile- maanpako, pakolainen

10. resolve- ratkaisu, päätös


Finding your own path

Brida by Paolo Coelho is fascinating story about life, magic but the most of all it’s a story about love. Brida  is a charming young woman who is tremendously willing to quest her way to knowledge. The story takes Brida to a wise, mysterious teacher who asks her the decisive question:  “Would you give up everything you had learned until then, in order to stay with the love of your life?” Would you?

Coelho writes believable and makes the readers identify with the strong feelings he describes in a book. The book is a sensitive portrait about finding your own path in this world, overcoming obstacles and being honest with yourself. This story is compelling and it can offer you a magical voyage of self-examination.


Brida by Paulo Coelho, 1990

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