The fascinated world of adventures

The unknown power of the world


Actually Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist was the first book I have ever read in english and at first I was excited. And it was breathtaking! It’s one of the best-selling books in the history and I don’t wonder why.  This astounding book tells about travelling, adventures, love, omens, destinies and believing to them.  The  book is really philosophical and it fascinated me. The Alchemist got me thinking about life and the power of the world while reading it. The main character’s intimidating adventures and ideology got me reading so that I couldn’t stop it and that’s what I love in books. Book’s incorporeity and glory draged me in. I recommend The Alchemist to everyone who likes adventures and has interests to the unknown world.



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  1. Taru
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 19:58:07

    You didn’t even reveal much about the book, nothing about the actual plot, but still managed to tell just enough to raise the reader’s interest. Maybe there could’ve been a short synopsis though.

    Your enthusiasm really shows and it kind of swept me away too. Seems like it’s a quite deep book that inspires deep thoughts. All in all, this review made me want to read the book so I’d say it’s succesful.


  2. Rosa Piirinen
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 10:51:26

    Hey, traveler!

    I see you have traveled somewhere very far and had a taste of the adventure yourself. By your describing the book seems such a vivid voyage, but you don’t exactly explain the plot, only the themes in the book. Who are the maincharacters and what is the milieu? What happens in the book? The setting??

    Your personal thoughts are obvious with all the praising, but did it have anything to criticize? For example was the language hard for a first time reader like yourself.
    Or explain the positive sides; WHY was it so breath-taking and awesome?

    Oh, and remember to use paragraphs! 🙂 Everything there is like a big chubby caterpillar with stripes; confusing and hard to follow. You jump and jump from your own thoughts back and forth into themes and recommandation.

    I love how you’ve formed the sentence: “Book’s incorporeity and glory draged me in.”
    Overall you didn’t use the normal, boring ways to express your thoughts about the novel, such as good, nice, scary and amazing. Nope! You used far more prettier words; intimidating, breath-taking, glory, astounding… *Wooow*

    I am glad you’ve had an adventorous trip into the world of english literature. Your eagerness really shows and I wish I could catch that enthusiasm too! ^^


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