Strange mum

Short Plot:

The concept of a terminal illness always brings a lot of pain, especially when the sick children who have not managed to see anything in this life. It gives a lot of pain to their relatives, who feel powerless, helpless. In books:”My sister´s keeper”, Kate’s mother did everything that she could to save his sick daughter. She gave birth to another child in order to reduce the suffering of Kate and save her, using her younger daughter as a donor. Later, a younger girl to grow and refuses to sacrifice himself for his sister. Subject to the right of the minor daughter against their own parents.

Character analysis (Ms Fitzegerald):

From all character, I didn´t understood Anna´s and Kate´s mum ms Fitzgerald. Of course I can understand mother loves but I can´t understand how she can kill her own child in favor of another own child.?! I think if you have for example two child you must love them both equally.
All of ms Fitzgerald action, I has shock when she in tribunal spoke only about what is better for Kate, and she doesn´t think that Anna is too her daughter.

I think that she is perfect mum for Kate. He was ready to do anything that Kate would be happy. Once, when Kate didn´t want to go out on the ground because she was bald, and all staring at her, and she thought that she isn´t pretty. Her mother went to the bathroom and cut herself bald to be the same as Kate. She left her job in order to be more with Kate.

But unfortunately, with Anna, she was different. Of course she is not bothered her, bought her a variety of goods and in no way devalued her and I am sure that he loved her own way, but  Katie was clearly more important to her. And she was willing to give up in order to cover Anna was alive.
Mind map:
Jodi, Picoult. 2004. My sister´s keeper. Great Britain: Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.

10 challenging words

  1. Cornerstone=kulmakivi
  2. Vacuum = tyhjiö
  3. Placenta =istukka
  4. iron lung = rauta keuhko
  5. Raised =esille
  6. Elbows = Kyynärpäät
  7. Fist -=nyrkki
  8. Upward = nouseva
  9. Fluff =hahtuva
  10. Grocery =Ruokakauppa

My Sister’s Keeper – Movie Trailer – Jodi Picoult novel


Sister love

I think in Jodi Picoult´s book my sister´s keeper, clearly present in sister loves. Unfortunately not at all families have such things love. That one sister able to give own body parts in favor of sister. And another sister agree to die that sister´s body parts remain. Rarely have I read book where the events might be invented but still, in my head I understand that some people have similar life story. And, most importantly, that everything that happens can happen to anyone.

First, I’ve seen the movie, it was a year ago, in the cinema and I was sure that the book is almost identical. But it was not at all and I think the book is somewhat emotionally … I recommend the book warmly to all regardless of gender. I am sure that the book evokes emotions from everyone. And I’m sure that it does not leave anyone in incurious. Reading the book I was able to characters known to the feelings and My Sister’s Keeper book get me cry. I think it’s worth reading the book!
Jodi, Picoult. 2004. My sister´s keeper. Great Britain: Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.

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