Even the powerful have weaknesses

Raistlin Majere is an exceptional character since he is a primary protagonist and antagonist in the trilogy. Raistlin was born to a normal peasant family, though he inherited a strong connection to magic from his mother, who sometimes experienced magical trance fits. Even though he was born powerful in magic, his physical condition was never good. He was born very sick and almost died soon after. Raistlin started practicing magic at the age of six and in his early twenties he took the test of magic that every wizard has to complete. His health was even further damaged during the test and he was cursed with golden skin and eyes that see only the death and decay of all things.

Raistlin is a very complicated individual. He is extremely intelligent and manipulative. When something is in the way of his goal he is ruthless, but he follows a certain code of conduct which makes him repay all debts and protect those who are in a disadvantage from no fault of their own. His goals are dubious and he doesn’t let anything stand in his was, but he still shows his humanity occasionally. His love for his brother Caramon becomes apparent in the book too.

Raistlin’s motives are never really clear and that makes him such a difficult, but interesting character to analyze. His primary goal is to defeat a god and take her place, but it’s never made clear what he is going to do if he succeeds in his plan. Sometimes his acts make him look like a hero and sometimes a heartless tyrant. In the end of the book it will be revealed if he’s evil or not, so I recommend reading it if you want it to be revealed or if you want to make your own assumptions on this rather unique character.


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