The book with a poor plot

The book Matilda tells about five years old girl who have developed faster than others who are same age that she is. For example she reads adult literature everyday like Hemingway or Dickens. In addition she is smart and kind. So you might think that everybody love her but that’s not entirely true. Matilda’s parents are stupid and shallow people and they think that instead of reading Matilda should only watch TV.

Matilda’s parents treat her like a crab so Matilda start to do them all kind of little pranks. This is how Matilda tolerate them better.

In this book  Matilda goes to school in first grade. The headmaster of the school is terrible, like a monster and she treats the children very badly.

The ending of the book is still happy.

I think that this book was very childish by which I mean that this book was more children book and I think it did not have a lot of content. The beginning and the ending of the book were equally poor and the middle of the book was boring.

Matilda was a poor figure and Roald Dahl’s writing style was too. I only recommend this book for children.

Here is ten difficult words from the book:

Devouring: Kuluttava

Astounded: Hämmästynyt

Compassionate: Myötätuntoinen

Tamper: Väärentää

Crookery: Petkutus

Trade: Kauppa

Stewed: Haudutettu

Proceeded: Eteni

Drill: Pora

Plot: Juoni


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  1. Maria Turkkila
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 12:35:10

    Nice review! Like all the real critics you also made clear why to read and why not to read this book. You told a little bit about all subject matters like story line, main character and a style of writing. All that made it very comprehensive.


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