The abused Alise

The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, publisher Harpervoyager, published: 25th June 2009 in UK

As one of the main characters in Robin Hobbs book: The Dragon Keeper, Alise is described very accurately. Alise is a kind girl in Bingtown and with age of 18, she was introduced to Bingtown society. Well, that was three years ago, and nobody really thought she would be a “nice catch” (just as the book says). Then suddently a handsome man Hest Finbok seems to be intrested in her. But with her scholarly researches she desires to go to the Rain Wilds treetop city and see the Dragons hatch from their cocoons. She makes a very difficult decision relating to her ambition and her own future as a woman. She made the choise that seemed worthy at the time.

Alise is an freckled girl with humane moral and a big heart, that doesn’t change during the book. She has an obsession to dragons and Elderlings. Hest Finbok which I mentioned before, is a wealthy, handsome and charming man, who is intrested in Alise. However later it will be discovered that he truly is intrested; in a unjust way. He wants an woman who doesnt get in his way in business or in own social life. This means that the poor girl Alise is being abused just because nobody wants her.  

I think myself that Alise makes wise desicions and she is just adorable girl. But I feel sorry about her destiny to be abused as wife. Her only wrong choice was to marry Hest, because he treats her like trash, but still, Hest is a wealthy guy, and it will help with her studies to buy everything she needs. Although she is treated like dirt, the force she is driven by comes from her studies and enthusiasm of the future voyage up the Rain Wild river to study and learn of the dragonlings. If you want to know the conclusion of her studies and the Dream of  travelling up to Rain Wilds; I suggest you should read the book!

The 10 difficult words in The Dragon Keeper

1. abrasive – hiertävä, raastava, hyökkäävä
2. extrusion – puriste, pursotus
3. gallantry – urhoollisuus, ritarillisuus
4. extravagant – liioiteltu, komea
5. smothering – tukahduttaminen
6. indulge – antautua, tyydyttää
7. infatuation – ihastus
8. preoccupied – keskittynyt, syventynyt
9. gauzy – harsoinen
10. rejuvenate – piristää, elvyttää


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  1. Kristina
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 17:13:23

    You represented this book positive, but was there something substandard?
    After I have read your character analyze, I’m quite interested in this book.
    Also you explained perfectly her and her life with different adjectives. Good job! 🙂


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