Story of an indian family

I read Arundhati Roys novel The God of small things. It is  published in 1997 and has won the Booker price same year.The book is a story about indian twins Estha and Rahel and their traumatic childhood and reunion after many years. The book describes the story of their family and their phases in the Indian society. The story mainly takes place in Ayemenem in Kerala, India from the childhood of the twins from late 60s to when they are in the age of 31 in the beginning of 90s. Roy self have spent her childhood in Ayemenem, which makes the places and people seem real. 

The book includes lots of  detailed portraying  and places and people are described proper.  Everything,  both things and actions are described with numerous adjectives.  “Once the quietness arrived, it stayed and spared in Estha. It reached out of his head and enfolded him in its swampy arms. It rocked him to the rhythm of an ancient, foetal heartbeat. It sent its stealthy, suckered, tentacles inching along the insides of his skull, hoovering the knolls and dells of his memory, dislodging old sentences, whisking the off the tip of his tongue. It stripped his thoughts  of the words that described them and left them pare and naked. Unspeakable. Numb.”

Because of the precise narration and difficult words Roy uses, the language is pretty hard to read. The story is also a bit hard to follow because the incidents aren’t  in a chronological order. I would give the book 4 stars out of 5 because Roy describes the story fascinatingly  but it’s reading is a bit challenging.

The God of  Small Things, Arundhati Roy, Flamingo 1997


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  1. Heidi
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 16:10:03

    I think your review seemed very interesting and make me wanted to read this book. You described the plot well and I think too that the quotation was a great addition.
    You could have wrote a couple opinions that what you liked and not liked. But very clear and good language!


  2. Omar Ahmed
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 12:58:30

    Your book review has good title which doesn’t give a way too much information about the content. You have a good amount of information in the text and it’s clearly paragraffed. What you could’ve had more is your own opinions. After all it is YOUR review. You could’ve also maybe had the picture of the book shown in your review. That would have been a nice add.
    All in all the text is very understandable and there is only a few mistakes in spelling. Nice job.

    PS: The quote from the book was a good idea.


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