Character analysis on santiago

Santiago is young shepherd who sells hes  sheep flock so he can realise he´s dream. In the narration Santiago is described as kind,brave and sympatetic. Sometimes he can be little gullible. Like when he traveled to the city and gave hes money to this boy whom introduced himself to Santiago as guide. But then he disappeared in to crowd leaving santiago without any money, But santiago showed guts when he continued to fulfill he´s dream afteir being scammed. He went to work in crystal shop to gather some money to continue he´s guest for the treasure.

He was brave when he went to tell the chieftain that the village would be attacked because if this had not happened he have had loose he´s head. This also showed that he was sympatetic as he cared for the lives of the villagers. He also risked himself in many situations for others which I think is altruistic.

At some points of the story he became little sceptical about his destiny. Like when he didn´t know what to do when he was supposed to turn himself in to wind hes guts kicked in and he managed to pull it trough.  He also had strong belief that it was he´s destiny to find the treasure. The inner drive came from he´s dream. I don´t think that he is so strong person but with the inner drive from the dream he could do anything. He also was sufficient to do anything but he didn´t know that during the story , but he came to realise that everything is reachable if you try hard enough. And I think that´s whats life is all about with alot of motivation you can almost achieve anything. If you are willing enough you can do anything.

Hard words :

Game= riista

Dunes = dyynit

omen= ennusmerkki

superstitious= taikauskoinen

chariot= sotavaunu

curiosity = uteliaisuus

marvel= ihme

traitor = petturi

moor = nummi

disembark = noustamaihin

Mind map of Santiago


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bobby joe
    Dec 16, 2015 @ 00:17:07

    Bad grammar


  2. Julia Myllymäki
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 17:30:30

    In your character analysis you analysed diversely Santiago’s different sides.The structure was wisely built when first telling a short plot, then analysing the character and in the end, telling your own opinion. As your book review, this analysis also included challenging words. I like the way how you every time proved your theory about the character’s personality.

    Your mindmap accomplished the analysis. I think it was simple and it had everything necessary. I noticed a few tiny spelling mistakes but all the 10 words were properly translated. Good job!


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