Snozzcumber and phizzwizard

If you want to read book of giants which isn’t too serious, The BFG is your book. The book is written by Roald Dahl who is also author of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Into the story: At night a girl named Sophie lay in her bed but she can not sleep. She stands up and go to windows, it is the witching hour and she don’t expect anyones to be on road. Suddenly she notice something black and gigantic moving closer, it stops front of the Goochey’s children’s bedroom and blows something in the bedroom, something black. Sophie is frightened by creature and hides under her blanket. At the next moment Sophie is flying through the air sitting in on the creature’s hand. The adventure of Sophie with giants is about to begin.

The creature who kidnapped Sophie is The BFG, a giant from the Giant Country. The BFG is not like other giants who enjoys themselves by sleeping, fighting and eating humans. He is The Big Friendly Giant most loveliest and funniest giant in the world. Every night he goes to blow dreams to children, sweet golden phizzwizard dreams. Because The BFG refuses to eat humans he eats nasty, borrowing his words “icky-poo” vegetable called snozzcumber and it tastes so horrible that you can’t imagine how horrible it tastes. To wash that terrible taste of snozzcumber he drinks lovely frobscottle, it is green fizzy  liquid which bubbles go downwards and burst at the bottom of bottle. There is little video from The BFG movie “the whizzpopper song”

The BFG is tall as building but compare to other giants he is just midget and very skinny, all other giants are much bigger and fatter than he is. Visible disparity from other giants is also that he uses more clothes even though clothes are shabby at least he doesn’t run wearing only loincloth around his waist like other giants. The BFG has enormously big ears he can hear ladybugs walking on leaf. With his ears he can catch dreams to children, you can’t see dreams you have to hear them. With that hear he says that he can hear all whisperings of world, it should be easy to learn language, in Giant Country they don’t have schools learn they are self learned to speak but there is some mistakes in their language which means the book is more funnier.

Details by pressing this link.


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  1. Arto Elstelä
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 23:09:03

    Sounds like a fun book, though I’m more of a serious book guy, but I could still read it. Your grammar is very understandable, but there are some small mistakes so try to practice that a bit more. The length of your post is good and the pacing is also perfect. The video is a nice extra.


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