The Graveyard Boy

Bod, short for Nobody Owens, is not your ordinary boy. Human he may be, but the world he lives in is not your ordinary world. He was adopted by the dead couple Mr. and Mistress Owens.  He was raised and educated by the people of the graveyard. His life is full of exciting adventures: the gate which lead to the ghouls’ city, the not ordinaries guardians he has, the witched whom he befriended and the exciting life of the graveyard.

However, little does he knew, outside the graveyard, the man Jack, the murder who has killed Bod’s family, is out there looking for him. Jack is the bloodthirsty, merciless and above all a persistent killer who has murdered Bod’s family, but failed to kill the infant. Promising to finish what he has started, he swears to hunt the boy down to gain his honor and pride for failing in killing one infant.


The novel was indescribable, it was one of the most exited book, I’ve read. I love horror stories. The novel met with my expectation, although I prefer a scarier horror story, but I shouldn’t expect something like that from children horror novel. Is was a really good book. I recommend for those who like reading horror stories, not to mention there are some pictures illustrations by Dave McKean.

Neil, Gaiman. 2008. The Graveyard Book. Great Britain: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 36 Soho Square, London, WID 3QY.

The illutrations by Dave McKean.




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  1. Amelia
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 17:37:59

    Hey, Warin!
    Your text is wonderful! I really can see that you have spent some time when you were doing this review. In my opinion you have very fluent grammar and the text’s structure is great. And also there’s a great balance between the plot summary and your opinions. Once again, supremely good job !


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