Teenage Georgia

I read the book Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal snogging written by Louise Rennison. The book tells about ordinary teenage girl Georgia Nicolson’s life. Georgia lives in United Kingdom and she is madly  in love with Robbie,  but she can’t have him cause he already has a girlfriend, Robbie is older than Georgia so he thinks that Georgia is only a little girl.

I think that Georgia is ordinary teenage who want’s to get more experience of boys,  she want’s to start relationship with Robbie, also I think that she is a bit of bored her life and her family.  She doesn’t understand that she has a long future ahead. My advice to Georgia is ” Take your time  and don’t rush into things “.  As we all teenagers have pressures in our appearance and so has Georgia too, she has this big nose, it’s so fanny that she is all the time complaining it,  ” I hate my nose etc :)” . Typical teenager ! There must always be something that we don’t like, that’s fact.

How ever Georgia is a loving sister and she takes very good care of  her sister Libby and she is in good terms with her parents. Maybe she is now unknowing teenager but when she gets a little older she is going to understand life better and mature. I would describe Georgia that she is an honest, nice and friendly young girl. Georgia has a lot of friends and she come along very well with other people.

One thing that I didn’t understand was that why she was so angry with Jas, cause she had this relationship with Tom. Friendship should always come first, not BOYS!

Ten challenging words

  1. swollen= turvonnut
  2. plucking= nyppiminen
  3. tweezers= pinsetit
  4. tainted= pilaantunut
  5. toothy=leveä
  6. cripping=mukaansatempaava
  7. substitute=   korvata
  8. vending machine=myyntiautomaatti
  9. wrinkly=ryppyinen
  10. duty= velvollisuus

Mind map of main character


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  1. Tuulia
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 10:26:09

    This was all and all a good character analysis. The plot was just the right length, not too long, not too short.

    Your theory about Georgia apparently is that she’s an ordinary teenager and you prove it very well and I especially liked that you gave your own advice to her! You’re right about teenagers always seeming to have this urge to grow up so fast when they should just live their lives and not worry about it. Also, pointing out how she hates her nose was a nice addition! You told about both Georgia’s good and bad sides.

    The video was also an interesting addition to this and btw the movie’s awesome!

    The mindmap was very simple but it’s very clear and the review is obviously based on it. I think you told everything that was necessary. I don’t think you could’ve told anything more that what you did since this is a book about teenagers. At least I believe that the book probably didn’t have like hidden meanings, she’s just an ordinary teenager and that’s easy to analyse.

    All the 10 words were probably translated correctly and I did notice a few grammar mistakes but nothing too remarkable.


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