Tale of crippled dragons

I red the book “The Dragon Keeper” and I just loved it. Robin Hobb described the enviroment, objects and living creatures unbelievably accurately as always. If you are intrested in fantasy or dragons like me, it is a wonderful book to read.

Book starts when serpents form from their “cocoons” (which are more like eggs of some sort). They use help of humans to travel through the landscape and beginning the reincarnation. Humans are helping the dragon Tintaglia to protect the cocoons from danger with an contract which makes Tintaglia to guard the borders between Rain Wild Forest and Chalced. These regions are in war with each other, and it is crusial that Tintaglia aids these war weakened people.
Later, the inhabitants of Rain Wilds, discover that the dragons which hatched from their cocoons were crippled, and only a few bad formed creatures made it alive to age of 5. It effects to the humans that is bounded with the contract with Tintaglia. Dwellers in the Rain Wild makes a decision that affects the life of Thymara and everyone else in the Rain Wilds…

If you were intrested… READ THE BOOK!


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