shepherd is valiant

The Alchemist tells about a boy who wants to become a shepherd and travels around the Andalusia and sees the world. The shepherd makes his reccurent dream to come true by travelling to the Pyramids of Egypt to find his treasure what he has dreamt about. He travels throught the desert and meets an alchemist who teaches him about the omens and life. On the way to find his treasure the shepherd comes across of intimidating new situtations which are hazardous.

The main character of The Alchemist is a boy who becomes a shepherd. His parents want him to become a pope, but the boy’s aspiration is travelling. He is single-minded when he lives his family to follow his dreams and he doesn’t care about what others think.  He is religious and he belives in God and in omens, omens what the world shows for  him. Because of his deeply belief in God, the character makes just choices. His act can be wise or unwise. He finds his love and travels away from her  to search for the treasure. I don’t know is that really wise but on the other hand, his aim was to find his treasure so why abandon a dream because of  a woman he felt in love at first glance.

However,  in my view the shepherd is really wise and brave.  He has a courage to travel to unknown places where the culture is totally different than in Andalusia where he’s from and he trusts to people he has just met. Getting into difficulties actually means he could die, but the shepherd keeps his mind cold. He learns really fast new fine things for example, to speak the language of the world, feel the soul of the world and speak to it and he knows how to turn things into gold and change himself to a wind. The main character is round because he changes a lot as a person.  At the begining of the book he knows how his sheep behave and that’s pretty much what he knows the best. But in the end of the book, he just doesn’t see the world, he feels it. He intuits the meaning of the life and becomes more sagacious person. That’s why I think the main charater is valiant.

10 changelling words :

  1. Omen = Enne
  2. Tribe  = Heimo
  3. Conspire = Juonitella
  4. Oasis = Keidas, kosteikko
  5. Be obscured = Pimetä
  6. Apprentice = Harjoittelija
  7. Sentinel = Vahti, vartiomies
  8. Exultant = Riemukas
  9. Vessel = Alus, säiliö
  10. Veil = Huntu

Mindmap of Santiago, the main character


Paulo Coelho. 1988. The Alchemist. Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. HaperCollins. 2002


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Taru
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 09:19:14

    First of all your vocabulary is very rich and you’ve used interesting word choices. The synopsis is brief but informative and your analysis is interesting to read. From your explanation the shepherd seems like an interesting character too.

    I like how in the final paragraph you proved the statement in the title and ended the analysis in a very emphatic way. The structure is very neat and the picture really sets the mood! You didn’t put any source for it though. The mind map also brings out some new, not so important but nevertheless interesting, things about the character you didn’t mention in the text.

    There’s not too much of your own opinions and I don’t think there needs to be, the balance is just right.


  2. Rosa Piirinen
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:23:14

    Hey, again! 🙂

    First things first; The first paragraph is overall descreptive; which would have been perfect to put in your book review to tell a little something about the main points.

    Some points of the analysis seemed more like a character introduction than a pensive drill into the shepherds mind, but towards the end you really manage to tell about his values and thoughts in life. You summed up really nicely how the character grows “one with the world”, almost as if you too had the sand in your shoes to adventure and learn new. 🙂

    All and all I can’t really say anything negative about your text. It is interesting, well written and I think the picture gives it a little spark, too.

    You seem to be very familiar with the character and described him well and specificly. You clearly had put your mind on what you wrote and didn’t rush it and again you used rich vocabulary.

    Good job!


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