Little Miss Vampire

A poor, tangle-haired girl Claudia has lost her parents in the raging plague when Louis finds her. She is confused and with all the heavy tears in her eyes, she doesn’t even notice how the vampire floods his teeth in her neck. Claudia is turned into a cold blood, saved from certain death and yet cursed for eternity.

“She was not a child any longer, she was a vampire child.”

“Her eyes were a woman’s eyes. I could see it already.”

Claudia is one of the main characters in the novel. She was made by Lestat to keep the family in one piece. She is interested in mythology, occultism, witchcraft and “her-own-kinds.” She is 6-years-old when bitten and that is why she will always remain her childish form, which eventually leads to tantrum and even self-hatred.

“Where’s Mamma?”

When just born she did not realize what becoming a vampire really meant. She was innocent and just as any child, so easily harmed. As her parents were dead she feels desperate for a role-model; and there was playful Lestat eagerly willing to teach.Kirsten Dunst as Claudia, 1994 "Interview with the Vampire"


Kirsten Dunst as Claudia, Interview with the vampire 1994



 Lestat takes her as his pupil and toy-doll. With her golden curls, silver bell voice and porcelain skin she is the most beautiful child, and with Lestat dressing her fashionable clothes; exquisite bonnets, gloves, charming gowns and everything: She is “always a vision.” From an unspoiled child she turns into the princess of darkness who should not settle for anything less than diamond rings and classy luxury.

Being so young she doesn’t first understand death; she just follows Lestat’s education and her animal-like instincts and kills negligently. Killing turns Claudia cold and lethal, with almost no humanity left in her child-like body. Later she becomes obsessed with killing only children and women. In her vampire childhood she didn’t comprehend the morals what on-the-other-hand Louis was trying to philosophize.

“Our eternal life is useless to us if we did not see the beauty around us.”

So she just keeps on tip-toeing behind Lestat.

…Until she begins to ask questions.

“Which of you did it? Which of you made me what I am?”

She grows cold to Lestat and her vampirism. It was inevitable she would someday understand she was not always what she is now. Her appearance is still the angelic child, rounded with woman’s seriousness.  She becomes devastated and bitter towards her creators and only family Lestat and Louis, and even ends up with the desire to destroy Lestat.

The frustration of not ever becoming a woman is crucial. The truth that lies behind her vampirism turns her unpredictable and hateful.  She feels trapped in her body and yet she finds independence and answers. The loyal Louis on her side and her previous ordeals she triumphed has made her the strong woman she is, and surrender is not an option.  

Here is my mindmap of Claudia;


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  1. Mira Jeskanen
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 10:54:02

    Hi Rosa !

    I’ve read your character analyse Little Miss Vampire and I must say you write good english. It’s fluent, pretty clear and you also use fancy and difficult words. I understood why the title is Little Miss Vampire after reading the analyse and I think it’s perfect. The title is pithy. It dicribes well eveything you have told about the main character.

    I also got a little bit confused… Who is Louis? Who is Lestat? You could have mention who they are from the book so the reader wouldn’t be confused, remember I haven’t read the book so i can’t know ! I also missed your own opnion of the character. Did you like her? Do you think she could have done better choices in her life? What kind of personality the main character has?

    I like that you describe her look and clothes awhile you are telling the plot and what happens to her. The citations from the book are nice addition while reading the analyse. There are lot of paragraphs so the text is easy to read. This analyse is commendable 🙂


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