Life With the Dead

The story is set into motion when a curious character, the man Jack, kills the protagonist’s family. The protagonist himself, only a small child, manages to slip away and wanders into a graveyard where he ends up being adopted by a pair of ghosts. From then on he’s called Bod, short for Nobody, and raised by ghosts and other creatures.

The premise is certainly interesting, and the book managed to fulfill my expectations. Each chapter reads like a short story of it’s own about Bod and the trouble he gets into as he grows. This style helped to keep my interest and kept me reading and reading until I was done. The pictures thrown in also spiced up the text. By the end of it I was already so attached to Bod that the ending, though I knew to expect it, still managed to make me sad and happy at the same time. All in all I enjoyed the book a lot and would recommend it to everyone who likes fantasy and action and would like a quick, easy read.


Gaiman, Neil. 2008. The Graveyard Book. United Kingdom: Bloomsbury


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