Dragon Scholar Alise

Character analysis

Alise Kincarron Finbok is one of the main characters of the book The Dragon Keeper and she is a self taught scholar of the dragons. She is 18 years old girl and she really loves the dragons and she likes to study them a lot. She is trying to learn everything she can about the dragons and that is her escape from all humans and her husband. Alises relationship with her husband is not good because her husband married Alise only because he wanted to continue his family. Alise didn’t know that at first and she married Hest because it seemed to be good for her because Hest is rich and Alise needed money. Later she found out that Hest married her for other reasons than love to Alise. That left a mark to Alises heart. Alise can speak to dragons and I think that she feels more comfortable with dragons than humans. Finally when dragons head upriver Alise and Sedric fights about staying with dragons. Alise doesn’t want to leave dragons and she complains about her life with his husband. Alise hates her husband and doesn’t want to go back to him so she has to decide if she wants to continue her mission of studying all she can about the dragons or will she go home. We will see that in the sequel.

My theory is that Alise lost her trust to her family and she wants to stay away from them by studying dragons and staying far away from home. I think she will never be able to trust people like before. She needs the support of her friends more than ever. I think that she will never forgive herself for marrying Hest.



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  1. Mikko Hallikainen
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 20:16:23

    I was searching your character analyse and I didn’t find it immediately. At the same time I readed everyone’s titles and then I noticed yours. I didn’t first even look whose analyse it was because title was remarkably interesting.

    You write very clear and good english, so I understand everything. Only thing that is bothering me is that do you tell whole plot for the readers? I hope you don’t.

    Your analyse was long enough, much longer than me. I spotted that you have read the book. Your text is based on the mindmap which was very clear and consistent. =)

    Good job Niklas! (=


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