Bod – more dead than alive

Murderer called The man Jack kills The Dorians family but the youngest only a little over year old toddler  managed to avoid his family’s murderer. The boy ends up in the graveyard and he will be raised and educated by the ghosts, werewolves, other cemetery denizens and he also has a guardian who belongs to neither the world of the dead nor the living. They protect the Boy, Nobody Owens, called Bod for short untill he turns up fifteen years, to a young man and is ready to encounter his childhood enemy.

Bod is the main character on the book and he grows and matures up from a toddler to a young man. He has a blond hair and wears greyish apparel  and so he doesn’t be distinguished from the graveyard and doesn’t pop on the ordinary people’s eyes. He has friends from both the world of the dead and of the living, but he himself doesn’t quite fit in either of these worlds. Bods personality is good-natured, humble and he is alway ready to help others but he is also unbeknownst about a real life among living people because the graveyards residents are trying to keep him save from the worlds dangers and don’t let him explore life beyond the graveyard. Bod ends up in thrilling adventures which are due to his curiosity.

I think that Bod is really nectareous and kindhearted because he is so guileless and wouldn’t do harm to anybody and so his ethics and choices are righteous. What older Bod grows more and more he wants to learn about real life and adjust on it, this intention effects on Bods actions and he would almost do anything to establish it. Because a murder is running after Bod the other graveyard residents are bound to embosom and guard Bod from his chaser, but at the same time they disbar Bods humanity from him and he becomes more like ghost than a human. Luckily in the end of the book Bod brave young man learns what it means to be alive.

 1o challenging words:

  1. cot – small bed

  2. blurt – call out

  3. propitious – lucky

  4. doggerel – poetry

  5. swell – awesome

  6. avarice – extreme greed

  7. rummage – delve

  8. treacherous – betraying

  9. remnant – leavings

  10. gesture – expression

Picture of The Graveyard Book illustrated by Chris Riddell from Amazon.

Short introduction of  The Graveyard Book narrated by Neil Gaiman :

Neil Gaimans official website: 

Mind map:

Mind map of Bod


Gaiman, Neil. 2009. The Graveyard Book. Great Britain: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 36 Soho Square, London, WID 3QY

-Kristiina Matikainen

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lotta Toivanen
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 18:57:59

    Mixture of the Jungle Book and Harry Potter presented in Tim Burton way. That’s my first impression of this book and I have to say it sounds quite fascinating.

    Your detailed description of Bod and extensive mind map leaves no doubt what kind of character he is. The last two sentences combined with the clever title sums up the idea you have in your text. Again, the used vocabulary is very sophisticated. I might have added couple commas and used shorter sentences, but that’s not that relevant. In its entirety this analysis is readable and you present your thoughts well with a beautiful structure.

    Trailer and the book cover are great additions and the whole post’s appearance is considered. Even though I’m not that interested in this kind of stories your well-written analysis awoke my curiosity.


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