A mother and a survivor

Fiona is the oldest of the O`Briens siblings. She has twin boys and husband named Mark and they both work on mathematics. She loves her family more than anything and devotes her whole life for being a good wife and a mother.

When the siblings were small their mother died because of cancer and their father became depressed after that Fiona took care of her family. She was only the age of thirteen but she already ironed her fathers shirts and made food for her sister and brother. While she was taking care of the familys well being her sibling were having fun and living their youth. She never got her youth back and inside she felt bad about it but no-one knew about it. Fiona was the one everyone counted and depended on. Maybe it was her childhood that made her be a responsible woman and a mother.

Fiona takes care of everybody and for example makes sure her twins have good and healthy life. She oftenly forgets about her own well being while thinking of everybody elses well being. Even after she gets cancer she isin`t concered of herself but of her close ones. But her family loves her and does everything to get Fiona feel better. After her chemotherapy she feels like a different person and in a way cancer changes her completely, Fiona starts to appreciate more the small thing in life and starts being more flexible with her strict rules . In my opinion Fiona is the wisest and most stable person in the story and of course a survivor.

Mind map of Fiona


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  1. Jerry Manni
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 08:40:40

    Grammar is good, I found just a few minor mistakes (maybe just typos?). Structure is also good, it’s easy to read. You focus very well on the character, there’s no off-topic. Like the title, it fits well. You could have write some quotes to proof your opinion, eventough it can be seen from the text above.
    Overall your character analysis is great! P.S. mindmap is awesome 😛


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