A boy who lives in the graveyard

The Graveyard Book


by Neil Gaiman




I selected from the list a book called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. In my opinion it was a bit creepy to read and I guess the book is for children. Especially the beginning in the book was scary; “There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.”, “a blade finer and sharper than any razor.”. Consider that in your mind.


The main character in the book is called by Nobody Owens, but his friends are calling him as Bod. I noticed one thing in the main characters name. If you research his name, you could see that the finnish translate for a word “Nobody” is “kukaan”. Then if you pronounce a word “Owens”, it almost sound like an english word “own”, which is “oma” by finnish. So if you put them together and try to translate that by finnish, the name would be “ei kenenkään oma”. That describe the beginning of the book, when the cold-blooded killer called Jack, kills Bods mother and father and his sister, who was older at that time than Bod, who was only two years old little boy. Jack the killer tried to find Bod, but all what he found from the cot was a teddy bear. Hunting has began.


So I meant by the research that Bod hasn’t anymore parents. He wasn’t biologically no-one’s child anymore.


As I said at the beginning, in my opinion the book was exceptionally absorbing and a pleasant reading experience. The book was easy to read, but sometimes I needed to check out som words and translate them.


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  1. Paulo Coelho
    Jan 12, 2015 @ 22:44:14

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    Initially posted in 1988 in the Brazillian writer’s native
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  2. Mikko Hallikainen
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 20:03:12

    Yeah thanks for the feedback! =)

    About the research: I didn’t know how to explain it in English, but I can explain it in Finnish here.

    Eli siis tarkoitin tuolla Nobody Owens, että käännettynä sen nimi kuulostaa siltä, että “ei kenenkään oma”, joka viittaisi lapsen vanhempien kuolemaan ja siihen, että hänellä ei ole oikeita vanhempia enää.

    Sorry about my bad explanation. 😀


  3. Niklas Georgsson
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 19:24:11

    Your title is interesting. It makes me want to read this text and awakes curiosity in me. I was a bit confused at the beginning of your text when it says that the book is scary but its for kids but maybe its just me =/. Another thing that I was confused about was the part where you told your research about nobody and owens. I really didn’t get it. You have built your text nicely and the structure of your text is clear for me. Maybe you could have describe the plot and the characters little more but I think that brings something up. What I liked about your text was that your theory and research and you could have written little bit more about characters and the plot itself. Good job =)


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