The man who met a woman

The character that I chose in The God of Small Things book hasn’t a big role in the book although he is the twins father. I chose Baba because he is mad and angry all the time and I didn’t like him at all. Baba has two kids, both of them are the books main character so it’s weird that the book don’t tell about him so much. Baba has a dad but he died before twins( Rahel and Estha).

Baba is well-built man who wears traditional clothes and old-fasioned spectacles. He looks clerk or so they say in the book. He is small and delightful-looking. ”- easy-going charm and juvenile but totally disarming sense of humour.” This is how the book tells about him.

Baba lived in Calcutta before he met Ammu. He was 25 years old and he had been an assistant manager of a tea estate over six years. When he met Ammu I think that he fell in love for a first sight because he propose Ammu five days later.  Soon they moved in Assam, where they bought their own house. And then Ammu was pregnant and she was waiting twins. Rapidly Baba turn out to be a drink addict and sooner or later Ammu saw how he act when he was drunk. Baba was violent and he hit her wife almost every day. I think that Baba was impulsive especially when he had drunk alcohol.

It was bad for Baba that Ammu left him. They divorced because Baba was so ferocious. Some habits that children’s have reminds Ammu what kind of people Baba was ” Ammu hated them blowing spit.bubbles. She said it reminded her of Baba. Their father.” Baba is so obstinate and smug. He was loosing hes job but then he tried to sell his wife to his boss. I pity him, he devastate his life because he was stupid and egotistical as the book says ” he never explained or apologized. He just giggled-”

You can feel his anger in the book. Sometimes his children’s call to mind that their father hit them. But all in all Baba felt sorry about that, because he sober up and stopped drinking(for a time). Baba remarried and got his job back. Later his son Estha move with him in Calcutta. Baba let his son to move back in Ayemenem when Estha is old enough.

Baba is a steamed lunatic but still he care about his children’s though he gave his children’s smoke his cigarettes.. It gives me a feeling that he really didn’t care about them at all.. He has a bit weird habit to indicate his love but I think that is a cultural difference.

Mindmap of Baba
Ten difficult words:

descendants – jälkeläinen

bourgeoisie – porvaristo

dictate – sanella

hatch – varjostaa

jolly – iloinen

swoop – syöksy

grizzled – harmaantunut

prearranged – sovittu

compassionate – armahtavainen

deprivation – riisto

Arundhati Roy. 1997. The God of Small Things.  London: Flamingo.


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  1. Konsta
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 16:06:59

    It is very interesting and kind of surprising that you chose a character of which you didn’t like at all. I think that gave something reversing to your analysis. The title didn’t actually open to me but perhaps it’s meaning was to raise reader’s interest or something much deeper.

    As a whole text your analysis offered very understandable and useful details about Baba and at the same time even about his whole family. The mindmap of Baba has only a little information but that doesn’t matter when analysis is so good.

    You use very colourful language with large amount of adjectives and quotations that increase the plurality of the character’s features and charateristics in the text. Good analysis I would say!


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