Nobody Owens

10 challenging words

1. mausoleum = mausoleumi

2.accumulation = kasaantuma, karttuminen

3. suspiciously = epäluuloisesti

4. regretfully = valitettavasti

5. unquestionably = kieltämättä, ehdottomasti

6. irrelevancies = epäolennaisuuksia

7. enormous = jättiläiskokoinen

8. dismal = ankea, kolkko

9. instruction = ohje, käsky

10. generosity = anteliaisuus, jalomielisyys

Character analyses

  Nobody Owens is the main character in this story. Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bob, is perfectly normal boy. Nobody Owens is a typical boy except for the fact that he calls a graveyard his home.  His family was murdered when he was a toddler and Nobody only saves himself from a similar fate by being innately curious.

   The overall story of Nobody Owens is captivating and endearing.  Nobody is an easy to love character and at the end of the book, i almost wish i could follow the boy to see where he might end up.

 I really like what he said at the end ” I want to see life. I want to hold it in my hands. Iwant to leave a footprint on the sand of desert island. I want to play football with people. I want everything.”  I think the world has a lot of people just want same like him and I am one of them.

mind map


Gaiman, Neil.  2008.  The Graveyard Book. London

The Graveyard Book Trailer Narrated by Neil Gaiman



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