Character analyse

The book Interview With the Vampire  is about Louis’ and Lestat’s lives as vampires. The protagonists are Louis and Lestat. Louis is a depressed young man who don’t care if he is dead or alive, since he has lost his brother and blames himself about it. That’s when Lestat steps into the story and turns Louis to a vampire and that’s when their long partnership begins. 

The other protagonist Lestat is a charismatic and selfish vampire who doesn’t care about others feelings or opinions. He does whatever he wants and asks no-one for permission on his actions. He is gallant and no-one can resist him, until people realise that they are going to die, because Lestat is going to drink their blood. He don’t care who he kills. He has been a vampire for a long time and that’s why he is got used to kill people to feed himself.  I think that Lestat is humorous in a little twisted way and kind of amusing. He is selfish, but he does listen to Louis’ problems and issues, still he doesn’t always understand Louis’ perspectives and he often laughs and mocks Louis’ manners. For example Lestat doesn’t understand the fact that Louis eats from rats in the beginning, because he doesn’t want to kill people. Lestat is a survivor, because after all nasty things that he experiences, since his little vampire girl Claudia and later his partner Louis tries to kill him, he still manages to stay alive and get on with his live. Lestat is from the beginning of the book to the end himself. His personality doesn’t change a bit in the book, which I liked. Of course he had some hard times which made him a bit weak, but only for temporary.

10 Challenging words

 gnash= kiristellä

tremor=tärinä/ värähtely 

mischievous= vahingollinen/tuhma

escapade= hurjastelu

puffed= hengästynyt

accumulating= kasaantuva

 obliterated= hävitetty

tenacious= peräänantamaton

grin= irvistellä

linger= hidastella

Trailer of the movie


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Atte Mannelin
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 10:54:26

    The title could be a little more than that, not just a plain name of the character. You write very good english so you could have easily made it a bit longer! The structure is good and comprehensible although a little short. You use cool words and tell about the character very well. The video is a great plus but I also like pictures so maybe one of those would be nice too? The mind map could’ve been larger also but it’s nice. The appearance overall is cool. All of the words were interesting too. Some grammar mistakes but hey, everyone makes them so it’s fine, just practice! Good job!


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