She was born only because her parents wanted to save her sister's life.
Kate was dying from leukemia and Anna was expected to donate a kidney to her.
Kate suffers from a rare form of leukaemia.

Difficult words:
Reeling = Kelaaminen
Tenacity = Sitkeys
Belligerent = Sotaisa
Shrug = Olankohautus
Peripheral = Toisarvoinen
Wedged = Juuttunut
Boulder = Siirtolohkare
Approximation = Lähentämisestä
Rhododendrons = -----
Parochial = Seurakunnan

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  1. Nikunen
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 20:48:26

    Hmm.. I don’t know what to say but I think that this character analysis of yours is kinda short, don’t you think? You’ve only three sentences.. And you told in those sentences only that why or how she was born and what disease she was suffering. You could have descriped more accurately the character..

    Your ten challening words are translated correctly, and Rhododendrons means “Alppiruusut”. Your mindmap is good. It has the main points of the character. And you could have named that link, so it would not been seen as.. http://www.blääblää.com eg. “Mindmap of Kate”.

    I was hoping a little bit longer text.. but always you can’t get what you want. 🙂


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