It’s time for your medication!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962) by Ken Kesey is tremendous and proficient novel. The story takes place at an insane asylum which is managed by Ms. Ratched (aka. the Big Nurse). And R.P. McMurphy (Main character) is the trouble-maker in this story!

The story is told by Chief Bromden who is mute-deaf half-Indian, almost 6 ft 10 tall character. His perspective to the asylum is very neutral, he just wonders what is going on. McMurphy and Bromden become very close friends and McMurphy discovers Bromden’s deepest secret. This close friendship between those two crosswise different background owning characters half-Irish, brawling, fun-loving Randle Patrick McMurphy and mute-deaf half-Indian Chief Bromden is very tenacious. Why it’s so tenacious? That is revealed at the end when Bromden makes a great favor for McMurphy. Sections nurses and staff are treating all the cuckoos from acutes to cronics very cold-blooded. E.g If they find some of the patients annoying  then they just give some sedatives to them and “peace” is back! This novel puts marvelously into words the society of that decade.

I recommend this book to enchanting readers whom like to read satire stories. I myself  love  this book from my heart it was so breathtaking how it described the real truth of madhouse and how they are managed and what methods do they use Eg. lobotomy. I had watched this on big screen at now when I read this book, I realized how books are better sources than movies! This novel has so many tiny details which aren’t captured on the movie. So if you want to discover some truths of the capitalized-corrupted society of this fascinated story then I  fervently recommend this book for you all!


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