Cya phonies!

Holden Caulfield, 16, our protagonist in the book The Catcher in the Rye, goes Pencey prep, or used to. He also used to go three other schools. For the fourth time he gets expelled from school and is told to leave soon. Holden decides it’s better head for home, but before that, he goes to New York. There he spends three days and experiences a lot of stuff and describes all his thoughts and feelings.

Holden is a very strong person. He has his own, mostly way or another radical opinions which usually ends up to solutions that how phony everything and everyone is. It seems that he doesn’t care much what he says to others and because being such a bad-mouth, he often gets in trouble and even few times beaten up. He’s very good with words, you can see him saying ”phony” and ”that kills me” a lot and of course swearing swearing swearing, that verbose side of him is very admirable… Even though he seems such a badass, he has some sensitive and yet positive feelings, especially when talking about his little sister Pheobe. He seems to have a lot of friends though they don’t show up very often and of course most of them are ”phony.”

All in all Holden Caulfield is very mature for his age and seems like he could have been born to some kind of ghetto because he’s such a badass.


Few words:

Witty = Näsäviisas

Anxious = Jännittynyt, halukas, malttamaton

Braids = Letittää

Chisel = Ryöstää

Spendthrift = Tuhlari

Incognito = tuntematon

Matinee = Päivänäytös

Phony = Teeskentelijä

Inferiority complex = Alemmuuskompleksi

Digression = Syrjähyppy


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  1. adama
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 08:46:06

    You`r analyses had great discriping words and you`ve told the main plot shortly but consisently. It easy to read through and I could imagine the character in my mind. The whole analyses in common is cosise and fluent.
    Maybe for the mindmap I would have wanted to see a littlebit more information about the character but it was also good, don`t get me wrong ;D
    Most of the word you`ve picked from the book were words I haven`t heard of so they were also great new information for me !


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