Reading and laughing

Roald Dahl´s book Matilda tells about a little genius girl, whose parents doesn´t care her skills. The book has published in year 1988. Matilda likes to read, and she is very quick to learn it without teaching. I don´t like her parents because they try to prevent Matilda to read. if somebody wants to do something, why she can´t do that? I don´t understand.. But Matilda doesn´t care, because reading and learning is her passion. I love Matilda because she have own opinions and she is a little bit rebel.

The book is very funny and it’s full of humor. Reading is quite easy, because there is easy words and it’s funny to read that book. When you read the book, you can’t be without laughing. If you feel sad, take Matilda and start to read! It makes you feeling better, I can promise! I recommend the book for everybody, especially for childish people.

How long it takes you have read the book?  Not long, because the book is not very long and when you start reading, you can’t stop, without some very important reason.


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  1. Jasmin
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 14:30:06

    Hellou sanna! This rewiev is good and easy to read. Headline is good and it wake my intrest to the text right away.
    I like the way you started a new chapter.
    This was kind of short text and it would have been nice to read more!
    Book seem’s to be interesting and funny. I think I’m gonna read it!
    And plus for the picture too!
    T. Jassssssu 🙂


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