Little girl without caring

 I have read Roald Dahl´s book Matilda, which was published in 1988. The book tells about five years old girl, who is genius. Reader can see Madilda´s wisdom when Matilda starts to read age of three newspapers and age of four she could read fast and well.

  Matilda´s parents don´t care about doughter´s skills. They don´t have any books at home, only one cooking book. Parents don´t read anything, only watch TV. They don´t encourage to read, they try to get Matilda stop reading, but Matilda is determined and continue reading. When she is at home alone, she goes to the library and read books there. Matilda doesn´t know that she can borrow books, and bring it back, when she has read the book.
  Matilda is very quick to learn everything, but parents doesn´t realize that at all. They want Matilda would be sillier, but Matilda just makes fun of them and cheat her parents. I like Matilda, because she is very innocent, or she can act that at least. Matilda knows, her parents doesn´t realizthat she is genius but Matilda doesn´t care, so she continue to learn new things. She doesn´t care what others says. I like that attitude!
  Still, Matilda have some people who realize her skills and encourage her to continue. Matilda reads alot, and I think she is a read-worm! I respect that, because I am not a read-worm, never been…
Some words:
 breech= lukko
jolly= iloinen
the telly=televisio,töllö

Matilda mindmap


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  1. Jasmin
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 14:46:19

    Hellou again! This text was littel more presice by grammtical than the first text. Structure is clear and good and text is interesting! the ten channenging words was translater correct and it was new words to me too. Clearly your mind map have been your helping hand and it’s good!
    T. Jasssu :))


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