Little genius

Roald Dahl´s in the year 1988 published book Matilda tells a story about a little four-year-old  genius girl, who likes to read books and is the best of her school glass. Her parents don´t care about her and they think that Matilda is nuisance little liar, who should watch more TV. Book is full of black humor and every character have their own personality and own task in the book.

Although the book is quite unrealized, I have to think how Matilda can be so talented without that nobody never teach her ?  Or can Matilda´just be  natural talented  ? Matilda is just a four-year-old and she had read more books than many adults have ever read . She is also mathematically talented and she can do extraordinary tricks with her eyes. I could say that she is every kind of way very smart. She knows what is wrong and what is right. She is very different than her parents and brother. She appreciates things than they. Matilda’s mom says that it´s important to look good and get a rich man than study hard and read books. Matildas´s father shell stolen cars and cheat customers. And her brother wants to be like his father. If I have that kind of family, I think that I would love to make up lot and I wouldn´t care anything but myself. But Matilda is not that kind of person. She walks her own way and looks down on her parents.

Matilda grows up during the story. She learns to understand that she doesn´t need to accept those things what her parents do. She find people who appreciate her skills and who realize that she is a little genius.

Roald Dahl. 1988. Matilda. London: Penguin Books Ltd

Ten words:

Brandish = Heiluttaa     Clutching =Kytkentä    Grasshopper = Heinäsirkka                   Refuse = Kieltää       Mooch = Vetelehtiä     Inherited = Peritty       Tremendous=Erikoinen    Sqruit = Ruisku    Root= Juuri, alku    Comparatively=Verrattain


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  1. Vi.ho
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 16:50:09

    Lovely review! Believe me this lady is amazing and so easy to understand. You have intrigued me and it has been added to my list of must reads… thank you!


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