Little genius in the unfair world

I read  Matilda by Roald Dahl. It has been published in the year 1988. The book tells story about a little four-year-old girl named Matilda. Matilda is extraordinary talented. She has read all the children´s book in the library and also many adult´s books. She is also mathematically very talented . Matilda has a mother, father and brother. They have nice house and Matilda´s father has own car business . It looks like everything is fine. But the parents are very selfish and they don´t care about Matilda. They think that Matilda is nuisance little liar , who must watch more TV. Book is very familiar Roald Dahl. It´s full of black humour and everything is upside down.

Book was so fun . I enjoyed to read it.  And there is no moment that I could be without laughing. Tought book is children´s book I think it  fits both, adults and children. Book tells abnormal parent´s relation with their child. I think that any normal parents couldn´t leave their child with her teacher and move their self to an another country. the book is very joking it´s in the same time very mindful. Today many parents concentrate on their career and children come next. In the book father concentrates to sell stolen cars and mother attend her looks. Book tells good how materialistic world is nowadays.

Even if the book´s mission is amuse people. It´s getting to think how unfair world is sometimes. All in all the book could scare its reader for hilarity. I absolutely recommend the book for everybody.

Roald Dahl. 1988. Matilda. London: penguin books


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  1. Vi
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 16:52:13

    Thanks for this wonderful post.Your review is very detailed and I can wait to read this book, I’m sure I will enjoy it.
    Ps. Do you think this book would be easily understood ?


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