A Girl Who Wanted To Be Heard

The book Matilda by Roald Dahl tells about young but very ambitious girl. Matilda is only five years old but read massive numbers of books and many of those were classics like; Dickens, Kipling and Hemingway.

I think that Matilda is extreme intelligent little girl, but it is a shame that her parents don’t know how to appreciate her talents. This is, in my opinion, very pity because Matilda is actually a prodigy, a genius. But behind all of this is just a sensitive little girl who I think, wanted to be approved by her parents. Matilda’s parents treat her like a crap which dare her to do all kinds of small pranks, like glue a hat onto her father’s head.

Matilda’s parents think that the girl is a menace but i think that she just wanted to be heard and noticed.

Mindmap of Matilda


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  1. Maria Turkkila
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 13:37:30

    Your writing is readily understandable which is great. You make your opinion very clear, but maybe too shortly. It would be interesting to hear why you think so and what are your reasons for that. As i said your writing is great so i would’ve like to read more…


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