Finding your own path

Brida by Paolo Coelho is fascinating story about life, magic but the most of all it’s a story about love. Brida  is a charming young woman who is tremendously willing to quest her way to knowledge. The story takes Brida to a wise, mysterious teacher who asks her the decisive question:  “Would you give up everything you had learned until then, in order to stay with the love of your life?” Would you?

Coelho writes believable and makes the readers identify with the strong feelings he describes in a book. The book is a sensitive portrait about finding your own path in this world, overcoming obstacles and being honest with yourself. This story is compelling and it can offer you a magical voyage of self-examination.


Brida by Paulo Coelho, 1990


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  1. nooracarita
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 20:00:40

    This review was short and pithy. Your writing descripe this book very well but it does not add up your own opinion about the book at all. I’d like to know your own opinion about the book, not just the plot.
    But the writing is still good:)


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