Sister love

I think in Jodi Picoult´s book my sister´s keeper, clearly present in sister loves. Unfortunately not at all families have such things love. That one sister able to give own body parts in favor of sister. And another sister agree to die that sister´s body parts remain. Rarely have I read book where the events might be invented but still, in my head I understand that some people have similar life story. And, most importantly, that everything that happens can happen to anyone.

First, I’ve seen the movie, it was a year ago, in the cinema and I was sure that the book is almost identical. But it was not at all and I think the book is somewhat emotionally … I recommend the book warmly to all regardless of gender. I am sure that the book evokes emotions from everyone. And I’m sure that it does not leave anyone in incurious. Reading the book I was able to characters known to the feelings and My Sister’s Keeper book get me cry. I think it’s worth reading the book!
Jodi, Picoult. 2004. My sister´s keeper. Great Britain: Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.

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  1. Roote
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 08:38:04

    I liked this review. The title was intresting and the review itself made me want to get out and cop that book. The structure is quite simple but it’s supposed to be in this one. I can spot that a few spelling mistakes but that is ok. But maybe you could’ve had more adjectives?

    The source is cited as instructed. There are’t any links or pictures etc. But all in all this is a solid and interesting review!


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