Eternal life as a vampire

I read the book Interview With the Vampire, written by Anne Rice. Interview With the Vampire is a very well-known book and it was written in 1976. After eighteen years a movie based on the book came out starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst. So the book and the movie have been a great success.

The protagonist of the book is Louis who becomes a vampire as a twenty-five-year-old man in 1791 when the other protagonist Lestat turns him to a vampire and ends Louis’ life as a human. The book is about Louis’ and Lestat’s lives as vampires through their sad and happy moments. In the book Louis is more like a sad and unhappy person and Lestat is clearly the opposite of Louis.

The book of 346 pages includes only five parts and quite long chapters. The language was English and quite understandable considering how old the text was. Still in the book there were quite many words I didn’t recognise. The text was also really small, which disturbed me often.

I think that the book Interview With the Vampire was interesting and kind of good because it wasn’t, in my opinion,  one of those cliché 21th centurys vampire stories. Also I liked the characters, specially Lestat. The book was very long and sometimes really long-winded, but still readable in my opinion. Because of the long-winded plot and the fact that I have never read such a long book, I sometimes had problems staying interested while reading.

Rice, Anne O’Brien. 1976. Interview With the Vampire. New York: Ballantine Books.


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  1. Atte Mannelin
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 10:32:35

    Cool title. You’ve got some interesting words in there to spice up the review, you write excellent english but of course there are few mistakes around but still very comprehensible. You’ve explained the plot and your opinion of the book well. There could’ve been a picture of the book or something similar, they always make the blog look fancy.


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