Analyzing Elisabeth Larsson

The book An Instant In The Wind by André Brink is a story of two entirely different people. A white woman and black man, slave, meet in the middle of  the desert African heat. Then starts the journey together back to ”home” and on the way  so prejudices as clothing are taking off.  Love story is about to begin.

Second of the main characters, Elisabeth Larsson is in the beginning of the story a shallow, introverted and omniscient person. The Story unfolds that she is also a loving and caring and really interesting person, how is a little bit lost in her life. Elisabeths caprice to getting married young and  wandering around Africa with an adventurous husband, is catching up with her. Her husbands sudden death leaves her in the middle of nowhere. She realises that she is really alone and doesn’t know anything about life yet, until she meets her ”white knight”, Adam, who falls in love with Elisabeth’s beauty. He can’t be helping the sad, lost girl and Elisabeths shale is slowly beginning to fall apart.

While reading the story further and further I started like the character. She revealed some interesting things and the extracts from the past helped to understand the person better. It was interesting to watch Elisabeth’s journey through Africa and to see a person to change within the story.

Elisabeth’s mind map

10 challenging words

finch = peippo

wagon = vankkurit

reflection = kuvajainen

grain of sand = hiekanjyvä

rising tide = nousuvesi

twinkle = tuike

mocking = ivallinen

chirp = visertää

mirage = kangastus

governor = kuvernööri


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  1. Ms Leino
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 18:50:05

    Is this going to be your character analysis? Perhaps you could come up with another title for your essay… Just add the mind map to the end + the 10 challenging words and bibliography. 🙂


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