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Book Review

The dragon keeper is a book that tells a story about a fictional world of Rain Wilds and it tells about Alice who is a self taught scholar of the dragons, Leftrin who is a captain of the barge, Thymara who is a keeper to Sinatra and many more characters. This book is obliviously fantasy novel as you can see from the title and the book has very thrilling moments in it. The book also includes some drama and relationships in the book. The ending of the book suprised me a bit because it ended too soon and I guess it just means sequel.

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes fantasy and for those who likes those original fire blasting flying dragons I cannot recommend this because these dragons are sea serpents. That disappointed me a little =(. This book is also very hard to read so I cannot recommend this book for those who cannot understand english quite fluently. It had enough action for me but its not filled with action and fights. If you like fantasy and you have time you should read this book.

Difficult words

  1. slouch-rötköttää
  2. clutter-sekoittaa
  3. dignify-juhlistaa
  4. frequent-tiheä
  5. carve-kaivertaa
  6. roil-hämmentää
  7. haunch-lonkka
  8. inflamed-tulehtunut
  9. outrage-kauhistus
  10. huddle-rykelmä

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mikko Hallikainen
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 20:25:04

    Really attractive title. As you said “This book is obliviously fantasy novel as you can see from the title”, I really knew it before I readed that sentence.

    You categorized the characters good, but I think you should on next time write the characters in to different paragraph because your first sentence is over even three line! But still, this is really good book review and I must tell you that I’m going to read it if we should read in next courses some book!

    Your hard words was too hard for me and those are really handful words.

    Feedback from both tasks:

    You write very clear english and you can explain hard things very easy. =)

    P.S. Is your bibliography somewhere? :O didn’t find it.


  2. Ms Leino
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 18:55:04

    Could your book review and analysis be two different posts, please?


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