Depressed robot?

The universe’s most depressed being, Marvin robot. It’s a prototype of robots whom has feelings, Marvin isn’t the happy one.
Marvin is a side character who hops in to the adventure before half of the book. Marvin is owned by Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy, but the title matters nothing to Marvin. Marvin will be the most depressing character you will ever come across with.

By analysing the content of Marvin I have come across a solution that Marvin is a male robot, because it behaves like male and in the movie it had male voice, not neutral robot voice. Marvin doesn’t laugh nor is happy and he thinks jokes as sarcastic and offending and they always have to do somehow with Marvin and his life.
In a dangerous situation where Marvins life is at risk, he doesn’t care if his misories are going to be set. He always integrates the misories to his life and how it would be better if he was set off or something bad happened to him.
Thinking Marvin more deeply raises the guestion, why doesn’t Marvin end his life by himself, because he doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. Does he still have something to worth live for or does he not want something to disappear.
In the spaceship Marving hates the ship itself and self-satisfied doors, that makes sort of moaning noises while opening and closing. Others might think that’s peculiar or funny, but Marvin hates the door still a lot and couldn’t care less what others think about him nor what he does and thinks.
In the book Marvin’s depressed talking maybe got a little overmuch, but sometimes it managed to be funny to the reader. The next quote isn’t funny sadly. “I only have to talk to somebody and they begin to hate me. Even the robots hate me. If you just ignore me I expect I shall probably go away.

I think Douglas Adams is trying to message that the technology develops too rapidly and urge to give the robots feelings sometime in the short-term future. Adam does not seem to be delighted of this.

My mindmap of Marvin (click it for a larger image):

What does Marvin look like?

By the book (sticker)

By the movie

Click here to see my movie review of this book.


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  1. Iina
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 21:24:30

    You have great grammar! Also the structure of your analysis is really clear and comprehensible, it’s good that you have used a quote, to proof your statement! I really like that you have the two pictures of the robot, but actually it’s easier to put a picture than describe in english..! The last paragraph about Adams’ message is well thought. You do not mention the name of the book anywhere? Anyway, good job!


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